“That’s why we brought him on.”

DALLAS — As Andrew Wiggins As his body met, he took off just outside the free throw line. Luka DoncicAs his head reached over the cylinder, he was in the air. Golden State Warriors Forward said that he only saw one thing: “I saw rim.”

His poster is on the Dallas Mavericks The original charge was superstar, but Warriors coach Steve Kerr challenged it quickly and the decision was reversed.

Wiggins isn't sure where the dunk rank in his collection. Stephen Curry He says it's the best thing he's ever heard from his teammate. Klay Thompson He looked like Dominique Wilkinson, he said.

Doncic described the poster as “impressive”, and said that it was not going to be lied. “I re-watched the video and was astonished. That was quite amazing. That was so amazing.

Wiggins posted a record 3 dunks in the postseason against the Mavericks, which was his best performance of the season. 109-100 win The Warriors were able to take a commanding lead of 3-0 in the Western Conference finals.

Warriors forward Draymond Green said. “This team won't quit, but you can instill doubt by coming out and winning this match. That was something we knew.

Ask any NBA player, and they will tell you that the playoffs are very different. The postseason is intense and requires a completely different level in play. Green performs so well that the name “Playoff Daraymond” has been given to him.

Wiggins had never been to the playoffs before this postseason run. Through his 14 playoff matches this year, Wiggins has proven that he can compete at the playoff level.

He finished Sunday with 27 points, 18 of them in the restricted area. He shot 11-of-20 and grabbed 11 rebounds.

Green said, “That's a man who has been criticised for being lackadaisical. You've heard it all and yet, on the largest stage he’s come through.” It's amazing to watch him improve his play.

Wiggins started the year with the same level of aggression and assertiveness. This is what earned Wiggins his first All-Star appearance as a starter. He hit a lull after the break. His teammates said that this is normal.

Thompson said, “He's worked hard to get here.” We just have to help him become champions, and he will certainly help us. We brought him in because of what he did tonight. He is an amazing player. He is a great player.

Kerr stated that the Warriors would not be winning playoff games without Wiggins, especially this series against Mavericks. Wiggins limited Doncic's shooting to 8 out of 15. Game 3 Wiggins was Doncic's primary defender all postseason and held Doncic to 53% shooting, Doncic's lowest field-goal percentage in the playoffs.

The Warriors' approach to defending Doncic going into this series was to understand that they couldn't stop him completely, but make sure everything he receives is earned and not given. This will eliminate all other scoring options.

Doncic now has 40 points in two games and Golden State is leading the series 3-0. They are not looking forward to the Finals. Too many Warriors have been in this spot before they can look too far ahead.

Thompson stated that “This team will not lay it down.” “We will have to take it. They will not give it to us. We will have to play together as a team. “Strength in numbers has been our motto.”

“What he did tonight… that's why we brought her on. He is an amazing player. He is a great player.

"That's why we brought him on."

Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins

Based on the odds, the Warriors are the favorite to win the NBA championship. Thompson says that he believed that from the very beginning of this season.

The same cannot be said about everyone else, particularly outside of the Warriors locker rooms. This season was viewed by the Warriors as a year of building — integrating their core players of Curry, Thompson, Green and their newfound talent. Jordan Poole, James Wiseman Jonathan Kuminga.

But then Otto Porter Jr. They emerged as the most reliable veteran. Kevon Looney He became an iron man. Wiggins became an All-Star and shed the label of a “lazy player”.

All of this has lead the Warriors to be in a situation that the franchise, albeit not all players, is familiar with: just one game away the Finals. They won't miss a step.

Green stated that being one win away is nothing. It means that you must win another game. We have to be more focused than we were tonight. Closeout games are always the hardest. They won't give it up, so we have to win.

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