The Boston Celtics need Jayson Tatum more to defeat Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks

MILWAUKEE – The look on Boston CelticsAs Wyc Grousbeck listened to the veteran referee, his face revealed a mixture of disgust and heartburn. Sean WrightExplain the crucial decision he made in the last seconds Saturday's Game 3 semifinal loss to his team.

The Celtics were enraged by the manner in which the Milwaukee BucksThe victory was 103 to 101 for Ime Udoka, who now holds a 2-1 series advantage. Ime Udoka, Celtics coach, stormed into his room and demanded to see the replay Marcus Smart’s 3-point attempt at 3:01 with 4.9 seconds left. It was deemed a foul by officials and not the three Boston required to tie the game.

Udoka deadpanned, “He got fouled on his way up.” “Bad missed call.”

Smart complained, “It wouldn't make sense to me to do a pull-through move from the 3-point line when there is a clear shot for three.”

The video was then cut down frame by frame. “It looked like that he was still facing his sidelines,” said Bucks guard. Bucks guard said, “That's not a moving motion.” Jrue HolidayWhoever committed the foul, no one was paying any attention to where Jayson Tatum was.

Once the Celtics have calmed down and Sunday's two minute report may reveal any whistles that might've/should've gone their direction, it will become clearer how the Tatum aspect to this game.

This series is very tight, and already has the characteristics of a great classic. The Bucks are happy they're back despite their missing Khris MiddletonIt's because of a knee injury that he was forced to leave the game. Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Tatum must not be left in the corner to watch the Celtics win, as he did on Game 3 and often after that.

Netflix may make Antetokounmpo's dual chess match into a miniseries. He is defeated by the Celtics; then, they turn their backs on him. Bucks coach Mike BudenholzerTo get more space, he changes his starting line-up. Then he uses his challenge on Giannis' block/charge call in quarter one — partly to put pressure on the referees moving forward. The list goes on.

Antetokounmpo's determination is unwavering and the game is decided by what he does. After pondering over his Game 2 performance, Antetokounmpo returned to the court with a stunning 42-point, 12-rebound and eight-assist victory. It was an MVP-level performance.

Tatum's résumé is not Antetokounmpo's and he doesn't have a shelf of gold trophies. He has the talent and drive to succeed.

Three-time All-Star Tatum was most likely the Eastern Conference's top player for the past two-months. Even if he wasn’t, it was still an argument to be had. Tatum might be able to play with Antetokounmpo this season on the All-NBA First Team. Tatum is a two-way dominant force that can make a difference in playoff games.

He scored a game-winner against the odds in the playoff opener. Kyrie Irving, Kevin DurantAnd the Brooklyn NetsAntetokounmpo was unable to match his dominating performance of 29 points in Game 2. This was the type of game that a star performs in must-win contests.

But Saturday, he was a wallflower. He was 4-of-19 with Bucks wings Wesley MatthewsHe was being harassed and refused to allow him to get clean looks or angles. Case in point: Tatum finished 0-for-10 when Matthews was the primary defender, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Tatum can't shoot poorly if the Celtics make it to the Finals.

The fourth quarter saw tremendous play by the Celtics Jaylen BrownAnd Al Horford. Even if Tatum only makes two or three plays, it's still 2-1 Boston.

But he didn’t. That’s because he hasn’t. Tatum watched as the play broke down and did not rescue his team.

Tatum stated that today was a “one-off” where Tatum was thinking too much. “Knowing that they would give me lots of attention, I gave up on some open looks that should have been shot,” Tatum said.

Udoka stated that Tatum was a bit slow from the beginning, dribbling in crowds and letting his nerves get the best of him. He also said that he could clearly see the indecision in Tatum's body language throughout the game. Tatum was sliding backwards even as Antetokounmpo was launching power dunks and body blows.

It was also noticed by his teammates. Horford was able to score 12 points, while Brown got the ball and scored 15 in the fourth. Tatum scored one basket, while Horford had 12.

Tatum was only 24. Tatum might not consider this performance to be the end of his 72-hour work week. The bar has been raised. Tatum is better Saturday than he was on Saturday. The Celtics must learn from Tatum.

Tatum stated that Tatum meant, “I mean, obviously… I expect to play better.” Tatum said, “I have to be better. My teammates and I know this, and I'm certain I will.

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