The NFL’s 2022 schedule has the most popular tickets

The NFL scheduleReleased Thursday night. Renewing an anticipation for the next seasonThis, frankly, is something that never really goes away after the last Super Bowl whistle blows.

These are the top five most-requested games in the season. Here's the average price per ticket (via VividSeats).

Unsurprisingly, Russell WilsonGiven the recent trade and the huge success Wilson brought to the Seahawks,'s highly anticipated return is on the list. VividSeats reports that Monday Night Football tickets will be the most-sold Seahawks home tickets since 2017.

The Bucs and Cowboys have opened the 2021 season at Tampa. If this game is as entertaining and as entertaining as the one before, fans will get their money's value. This could be. Tom BradyJerry World's final round.

3. Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay PackersWeek 10 — $488

Matchup between two of NFL's most iconic brands. A great matchup between quarterbacks Dak PrescottAnd Aaron RodgersThis is combined with the possibility of classic Lambeau wintry weather, and possibly playoff implications. It's like the complete NFL experience.

2. Green Bay Packers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 3 — $535

It may also be the last time that Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady face off. It will be early in season so we won't see the playoff implications. However, Rodgers or Brady should be fresh for us, which will give us the best matchup between them.

For the first time, the old rivalry between the Bay Area and Las Vegas is being renewed. The Niners are known for their ability to travel well and this is reflected in the cost of the matchup. Vegas is not far from the Bay so it shouldn't take too long to get there. Allegiant Stadium should be an enjoyable place to experience a new rivalry while on vacation.

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