The Seahawks fooled their players by giving them a ridiculously unjust schedule

RENTON, Wash. – The Seattle SeahawksThey knew it would be tough with the most miles this season than any other NFL team.

When some Seahawks received additional information about their 2022 slate, it was shocking to see how difficult it was. Are you ready for four straight road games? After their trip to Germany, no bye week? Playing Thanksgiving Christmas Day?

All that may sound too absurd to be true? It's because the Seahawks pulled a prank on a few players. The team posted a video to Twitter on Thursday just hours before the official release of the NFL's schedule. It showed a tight end. Will DisslyHelps spread the lies to the incredulous — especially in the case safety Quandre DiggsIndignant teammates

Coach Pete Carroll slanders the league office during a fake telephone call at the end of the video. He then tells the players that it is a joke.

Diggs later posted on Twitter that Diggs was involved in the prank.

In fact, the Seahawks are playing the Tampa Bay BuccaneersOn Nov. 13, 2013, in Munich, Germany says that Seattle's eight trips on the road will cover an NFL-high 294,46 miles. Comparatively, the Pittsburgh SteelersTraveling a league-low 6,442 mi, the Eastern Time Zone will be avoided.

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