The incredible numbers behind the New York Yankees historic start

The incredible numbers behind the New York Yankees historic start

It's the same season as last year. New York Yankees.

Bronx Bombers are dominating opposition this season with 50 wins in 67 games and a winning percentage.746. They are in a league of their own in MLB this year. The next closest team, the New York MetsThey are 11.5 games in front. The Yankees are the clear favorite in the AL East. They're also the team to beat for the postseason.

This season is special because of just How In historical context, the Yankees were a good team. Here are a few examples from ESPN Stats and Information.

Race to 50 wins

Only two other Yankees teams ever to reach 50 wins faster than this 2022 team.

1939: 64 games (50-14).
1928: 66 games (50-16).

The 2022 Yankees have the best news! They won the World Series in both of those seasons.

Triple threat

New York leads the league right now in record, home runs (344), and run differential (+145). They are only a few runs behind the Dodgers (+114), who are also close behind the Braves (326) for home runs. This feat was achieved in 1961 by the Yankees.

The good news continues: Sixteen of the seven Yankees' victories in these three categories ended in a World Series win. Although they lost the World Series in 1921 to the Yankees, it was so far back that Lou Gehrig wasn't even there. Four seasons Wally Pipp will no longer be the first baseman.

The Bronx Bombers are real

Four Yankees are home-run champions.Aaron Judge, Anthony Rizzo, Giancarlo Stanton Gleyber TorresThis season, they are on track to score at least 30 more. Amazingly, for a team which has mashed more dingers than the Yankees, this would be amazing. First season This has never happened for any other team. Judge is the leader — Judge's 25 home runs in his 60 first games are second only to Babe Ruth in 1928 and Mickey Mantle 1956 (both with 27), as the Yankees' most prolific in that time span.

Pitching and defense

Even if New York's offense is just okay, the Yankees would be contenders based on their pitching. This team boasts a league-leading 2.78 ERA and has allowed the second-fewest runs and most walks in MLB this season. They even rank third in fielding percent.

It is clear that the rest the league will be trying to stop the Yankees in this season's playoffs. If it's possible. It's evident that New York has a good chance of breaking the record for most wins per season. With 50-17, they're well on their way to an amazing feat. 121 These victories would smash the Seattle Mariners record of 116 victories. That would be remarkable, even for a team with such a great record as the Yankees.

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