Tim Anderson addresses Josh Donaldson’s incident. He ‘could not care less about the suspension.

CHICAGO — White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson He claims there was no inside joke between him and New York Yankees Third baseman Josh Donaldson Donaldson called Anderson “Jackie”, referring to Jackie Robinson, during the weekend.

Anderson spoke out publicly Tuesday, the first day since Major League Baseball sent Donaldson a one-game suspension. Anderson stated that they haven't been in a relationship ever since he called him Jackie in 2019.

Anderson recalled, “He did indeed say that, and he told me we never need to talk again.” “I don’t talk to you, you don’t talk to me, if this is how you want to refer me to, I don’t know.” Because I had already told him, I knew he knew what he was doing.

Anderson claimed that Donaldson was the one who played for Anderson Minnesota TwinsThe two of them had not made contact. However, that changed after Anderson's hard slide to third base by the shortstop during a Chicago game between the two teams. Donaldson called Anderson, “Jackie,” again, after they had spoken that night.

Donaldson stated that the “Jackie” comment was made in reference to an interview with Sports Illustrated 2019, in which Anderson said that he felt like “today’s Jackie Robinson” and how he's “getting at a point where the game needs to be changed.” Donaldson claimed it was an analogy that Anderson had made in the past.

Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge said Donaldson made “a mistake.” Donaldson's comment was considered disrespectful and poor judgment by the league.

Anderson was asked if the one-game suspension with a fine and suspended was appropriate.

Anderson said, “It is out of my control so I'm fine with whatever.” Anderson said, “I couldn't care less about the suspension.”

Rick Hahn, White Sox general manager, was also vague about his views on the punishment. But he was very happy with his team’s response to the incident both on and off-the field. Two days after the Donaldson comment the White Sox beat the Yankees with a doubleheader.

Hahn stated, “Tremendously proud at the way teammates co-operated around TA this weekend.” “The team showed remarkable support on the field as well as in the clubhouse.”

Anderson's three run home run in Game 2 was a highlight. During Anderson's at-bats, some Yankees fans were chanting “Jackie”.

He said, “It was pretty cool for me to shut them down.”

Anderson stated that he has not heard from Donaldson or the Yankees and that is fine with him.

He stated, “I'm not looking to have no friendship or relationship from this side.” “I'm going on to keep playing hard, and being a great friend.”

Anderson stated that he is thankful for the support and love he received from baseball fans all over the world. He was asked whether he believed Donaldson got at least one message from the league after he was punished.

Anderson declared, “I hope so.”

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