Tom Brady feels confident in his decision to make a return to NFL. He knows there’s still a spot for him on the field.

Tom BradyOn Monday, he said that despite his retirement announcement, he knew that he could still manage another season in the NFL. And that he began to contemplate a possible return to the NFL. Tampa Bay BuccaneersLast month was the first month of free agency

Brady stated that he knew his body could still do what it could and that he had a passion for the game. ESPN agrees. “I think physically I will be able. “I just felt there was still a spot for me on this field.”

After he had retired on February 1, he spent some time with his wife, children, and thought about the decision to quit football. He began to feel that he should be still playing.

He met with former Tampa coach Bruce Arians and decided that he was not done yet. Brady spoke of his love for his team and excitement over the challenges that Todd Bowles will face.

However, the season ended with a 30 to 27 loss to the team. Los Angeles RamsIn the NFC Divisional playoff match — it just wasn't right for him.

Brady said that he loves the competition on the golf course, and spoke to ESPN just days before the launch of his new collection of golf apparel through his performance apparel company, BRADY. “And last year was very bitter end to a Season and we have to make a lot more corrections to try to improve our position and to be in a better position for success moving forward.”

Brady doesn’t know how many more games he can play football. But his body feels strong enough to do so, and he couldn’t wait to be part of another successful season with his teammates.

“I know I don’t have much left, but I really do. Brady stated that he knows he is at the end his career. I wish you could go on forever. But football is too expensive now. It's becoming harder and harder for me to miss these moments as my kids get older.

“But, i wanted to give myself, my colleagues and our company another amazing chance to accomplish something that would make us all very proud.”

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