Tom Brady takes BP, while Gronk wags fly balls sparks Mike Trout’s response

The trajectory of Tom Brady“Seeing the Year” Tampa Bay Buccaneers Montreal Expos draft quarterback, who was the 507th overall pick of the 1995 MLB draft. He showed off his skills on the field.

The whole is in the wake retiring, unretiring His sharing and post-playing days career plan It would be TB12 announcing that he is going full Michael Jordan to join the saga Chicago White Sox organization circa 1993 to rattle us.

The 44-year-old was able to show his left-handed “hitting catcher” skills, which was a great sight for his faithful teammate Rob Gronkowski Plays outfield were still entertaining.

Brady was asked by a reporter before taking the first step to the plate. He said that he hadn't hit in a while and added that it was “not good when someone makes an excuse to start.”

Brady's assertion that he has power behind the swing was enough to draw a reaction, while Gronk had an out. Los Angeles Angels Three-time American League MVP in center field Mike Trout.

Eyes emoji, indeed.

If the news breaks that the seven-time Super Bowl champ is joining MLB to team up Trout for a World Series ring pursuit, remember that we first manifested it here.

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