Tom Brady’s touchdown pass last time ball going to auction

Lelands Auctions is selling the football Tom Brady threw for his last touchdown in his NFL career. The ball was caught by a fan in the stands. He now has a potential huge pay day.

Only 3:20 to go in the divisional playoff match against the Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay BuccaneersLarge receiver Mike EvansBrady caught the pass and ran it in for touchdown, bringing the Bucs within seven point of L.A.

Evans scored and then tossed the ball to the crowd. Not knowing that it would be his last touchdown pass, Brady was not going to throw the ball. Evans had also given away the ball Brady threw earlier in this season to complete his 600th touchdown passing.

The Bucs' staff retrieved the 600 ball and rewarded the fanHowever, no one on the staff asked for it back this time.

ESPN's seller stated that they stayed the whole time and that she held the ball like a baby while we watched them lose. “We sat around for a while as the players left the field. After that, I tucked it into my jacket and we went out as normal. We were not approached by anyone.”

The seller was born in Michigan and moved to central Florida 3 years ago. His wife was from Michigan and had never been on a Buccaneers team. It was his wife who convinced him to purchase tickets.

They purchased the tickets on Saturday, the day before the game. At the time, they didn't know they would be watching Brady's last game.

Evans's touchdown made it quite clear that there was plenty of space in the stands, as some fans had already left. The seller's wife was also cheering and celebrating the touchdown.

The seller said, “Everybody was screaming and I'm just sitting there, clapping, the ball hits my chest pretty hard.” “I tucked it into my chest like I was running back, because I was afraid I would get tackled and beaten by at least four or five other people for the ball. But that never happened. My wife was cheering, and I said to her, “Look, look, the ball is mine!”

It could be worth a lot. Lelands purchased the football Brady threw for his first NFL touchdown last June for $428.841.

The seller didn't realize the potential value of his stock until Brady announced his retirement. It could be life-changing cash now that he is aware of what he has.

The seller said, “Retirement was what we first thought about.” “Since then it was clear that we didn't think we would retire, but we have a nice nest egg to save for when we do. Whatever happens, I would love for as many people to see the football as possible and for it to go in the Hall of Fame.

It should be somewhere that everyone can enjoy it. It's a piece history.

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