Tom Thibodeau believes that New York Knicks were not ‘tough enough’ with lead. It is a sign of possible changes

NEW YORK — Tom Thibodeau watched as his beleaguered husband struggled New York KnicksA 28-point lead is enough to win the Brooklyn NetsEven he couldn’t believe it when he saw it Wednesday night.

As his team fell to the floor at Madison Square Garden, the veteran coach looked confused and flailed his arms. The Knicks lost a lead of at least 20 points for the third time in eleven days. This is a worrying trend for a team who came into the season with high expectations.

Thibodeau said, “You get big leads, you have to play tough avec a lead.” You have to learn how to play with a leader, and we haven’t. That's not something we have done well. That was the topic we just discussed. You're doing great things to build leads. Now how do your play with those leads? To be fair with a lead you have to be tough. We didn't do that.

The Knicks are at 25-34 this season, a disappointing team that finished fourth in the East. Thibodeau suggested postgame changes could be in store.

He stated, “Everything is on the table now.” “It must be. It has to be merit-based. I won't give minutes just for the sake of giving minutes. This is not the case. “You get what you earn.”

The reputation that the Knicks have built up is one of being a team that doesn't let up. They found ways to bring the Nets back into it time and again, as evidenced by Brooklyn's second- and third chances down the stretch.

Veteran says “It is tough.” Taj Gibson said. “You have to give up the big leads. For me, it's just mental. It's not X and O. It's about having the resilience to overcome, which we haven’t been able lately. We were able last year to do this, but this is still growing pain.”

Forward fellow Knicks Julius RandleHe also echoed similar sentiments, but noted that he still supports Thibodeau as well as that Thibodeau's message is “still ringing loud in the locker room.”

Randle stated, “It's difficult right now.” “We have ups and downs, good moments and bad. But it is hard. We believe we should be better than where we are now. But we aren't, so don't dwell. Keep your feet on the ground and continue to work towards making it right. Keep trying until it is right.

Thibodeau said that he's trying not to lose sight of the fact that the Knicks still have two months to make a change in their regular season. One piece that could help: Derrick Rose. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported Wednesday that the veteran point-guard is expected to return next week, having had ankle surgery in December.

Thibodeau stated, “There's still enough time.” Take a moment to breathe, then come in and take a look at your situation. Then, start with yourself. What can you do differently? Bring it up to the group. Then bring the team together. That's the main focus, the spirit and the purpose of the team. This is at both ends.

After last week's blockbuster, the Nets' spirit is high and they continue to feel it. James HardenBen SimmonsTrade with the Philadelphia 76ers. This was the largest comeback in team history, and gave them a 2nd straight win after an 11-game skid.

Steve Nash, Nets coach, said that halftime was a test of your character. “We want the team to maintain their resolve, win the third quarter and be more physically aggressive at both ends. We also want to play the right way. We will get something out the game, win or not, and we'll grow and improve. But, as I keep repeating, this stretch has been difficult. However, we asked the players for help and they have.

“So [we]We haven't been in a position to win every night but we've been capable of growing our resolve, our character, and our connectivity. Tonight, that was it.

The Knicks' character will also be put to the test amid all the negative press surrounding them.

Thibodeau stated, “A side effect of losing is that everyone wants to blame.” Thibodeau said, “And I get that. We all have jobs to do. It hasn't gone as well this year as it did last year. Focus on what we need to do and don't get distracted. Focus on what we can do better. This is where I want to put my focus.”

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