Tom Wilson may be unable to play next season due to injuries sustained by Nicklas Backstrom (Washington Capitals).

ARLINGTON, Va. — Nicklas BackstromHe was unable to play due to a hip injury which caused him the loss of two months of the season. Tom WilsonHe could not do the same with a bad leg in the playoffs, no matter what he tried.

It's possible that neither one of them will be on the ice next season.

The Washington CapitalsA long summer could turn into a long winter due to uncertainty around Wilson, Backstrom and winger Carl HagelinAfter a frightening incident nearly costing him his left eye, he hopes to be able to play hockey again. Wilson may need surgery to repair what he described as a very serious knee injury. Backstrom's future looks uncertain with this big decision.

Backstrom stated, “The best thing that I want to do in my life is to play hockey.” “Obviously, I want to go back. I want to go back to normal and not worry about it. We will see what happens.”

Brian MacLellan, general manager, didn't directly respond to a question about Backstrom's possible career in peril. Instead, he said: “I think that he's going explore all options here. He wants it better. He wants to play more comfortably, so he's going out to find it.”

Backstrom missed the first two seasons due to his left hip injury. He had it repaired in 2015, and admits that it will never fully heal. MacLellan stated that it was impossible for Backstrom, 34, to continue playing the same way he did since December.

Wilson missed nearly all of Washington's series against Florida in the first round after sustaining a left knee injury. He was able to avoid a hit in Game 1, May 3. Although he tried to return, he was unable to do so due to the injuries.

Wilson, who was also concussed last December, said “My summer is sucking now.” It's going be a hard road for me. I have to get started on my recovery. It's important to set goals for yourself as an athlete. We're working with doctors to get there.

Captain Alex OvechkinHe said that he will fly home to Moscow Monday without any need for surgery on his injured left shoulder. After missing the last three regular season games, he returned for the start the playoffs. He scored a goal and assisted with five more.

Ovechkin stated that “we did some things to help it out. And I was fine.” It doesn't matter in the playoffs. You have injections and magic pills if it hurts.

Winger T.J. OshieTo play through a series of injuries that included a broken right leg and an injury to his back, he needed a lot of care. Washington's leading scorer with seven points and six goals was he, along with an assist.

Oshie explained that “this year was quite difficult for me.” “But if you're not 100% healthy after six games of a playoff series, then you probably weren't working hard enough. I believe everyone's got something going for them.”

Hagelin was out for a while after he injured his left eye by hitting it with a stick during practice March 1. Doctors considered removing the choroid. The 33-year old Swede was treated twice and is optimistic about next season. His vision will never be the same as it was two months ago.

Hagelin, who skated a few times over the past weeks, said “It's still depth perception stuff and obviously looking downward and looking up.” “It can sometimes be difficult to focus on the right things at once, so that's still something that needs to be worked on. This summer will be intense eye training, but I'm up to the challenge.

The statuses of Wilson, Hagelin, and Backstrom have an impact on what the Capitals will do this summer. This is after the fourth consecutive first round exit from the Stanley Cup. Peter Laviolette is entering the last year of his MacLellan contract and is not willing to discuss the possibility of an extension. He would like to make room for a 21-year old at the center. Connor McMichaelThis is why figuring out the goaltending situation should be the first thing on your offseason checklist.

MacLellan stated, “We have lost in the first round of the last four years.” “We're going explore changes. “I don't believe anything is off the table.”

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