Tony Buzbee, Attorney, says that 20 of the 24 lawsuits against Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns quarterback, were settled

Tony Buzbee, Attorney, says that 20 of the 24 lawsuits against Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns quarterback, were settled

Twenty-four of the 24 lawsuits were against Deshaun Watson According to the attorney representing the accused women, the settlement has been reached. Cleveland Browns Inappropriate behavior and sexual assault.

Tony Buzbee, Attorney, announced Tuesday that Ashley Solis' case against Watson and three cases of unnamed women have not been settled.

“The Deshaun-Watson cases started with one phone call from a strong and brave woman. Ashley Solis was that woman. Ashley Solis was calling from a number of other calls every week seeking legal help. My staff insists that we speak to her even though she was initially turned down by our screening process. I am glad she persevered. After taking a second look and speaking with Watson's first lawyer, who was disrespectful of Ashley and her profession, and who arrogantly minimized her conduct, I felt that my law firm should help her. Ashley's courageous voice was a catalyst for many women who had suffered similar conduct to be encouraged to speak out. Buzbee stated that he was proud to be able to stand for them all.

“They have been subject to vile criticisms and fanatical ignorance. They stood firm despite being subject to a grueling cross-examination by highly skilled litigators. They are all warriors. We have an important announcement today about these cases. However, it is important that we also point out that Ashley Solis would have likely allowed these women to continue their conduct unaffected. The truth is that the NFL wouldn’t be currently considering disciplining its players. They wouldn’t examine how they might unknowingly encourage certain behavior. Teams wouldn’t be reviewing their personnel screening procedures. And this important story wouldn’t have dominated sports headlines for more then a year. “Today, I am happy to announce that all cases against Deshaun, with the exceptions of four, have been settled. We are currently working on the paperwork that relates to these settlements. These cases will be closed once we are done. The settlement amounts and terms are confidential. We are not able to comment further on settlements in these cases. Ashley Solis, as stated, is one of these heroes. Her case is still pending and her story, along with the stories of three other brave women, will continue. I look forward to hearing these cases, in accordance with other docket obligations as well as the court's schedule.

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