Tony La Russa, Chicago White Sox manager, says that he respects Gabe Kapler from San Francisco but does not agree with protest or form.

CHICAGO — White Sox Tony La Russa, Tony's manager, said he respects and likes them both. San Francisco Giants Gabe Kapler is the manager, but he disagrees with his protest regarding the recent mass shootings in the nation.

Kapler stated this week that he will remain in the Giants' clubhouse during the national anthem being played before the games. La Russa believes the cause and not Kapler.

La Russa, who was hosting the event with his team, stated that “I think he’s exactly right…with what’s happening in our country.” Cubs Saturday night “He's correct there. The flag and the national anthem, which I disagree with, are not the right places to voice your grievances.

Kapler wrote an article in the aftermath of the shooting at Uvalde High School in Texas. He explained why he couldn't stand while the National Anthem was being played and said he wasn't okay with the country.

Kapler wrote that “When I was the age of the Uvalde children, my father taught my me to stand for my country's pledge of allegiance when my country represented its people well or to protest when it wasn’t.” “I don’t believe it is serving us well at the moment.”

La Russa reiterated that he respected Kapler's intentions, but believes his protests are disrespectful to servicemen or women.

La Russa stated that “some of their courage comes out of what the flag signifies to them and when the anthem is played.” It is important to know what veterans think when they see the flag or hear the anthem. They also have to consider the cost and the impact on their families. If you really understand this, it is impossible to not salute the flag as well as listen to the anthem.

Rick Hahn, La Russa's general manager, didn't know any coaches or players who planned to stage a similar protest. David Ross, Cubs manager, didn't know either.

Ross said, “Everyone's position on things is individual.” “I believe that everyone does what is best for them, so I respect that. Gabe is someone I respect.

“I don’t have any answers, but I know that something needs to change. That is what I don't know. I am not a lawmaker.”

Ross was open to the idea that sports could be a great platform for activism.

Ross said, “I love what (Golden State Warriors Coach) Steve Kerr has said.” “(Dodgers manager Dave Roberts) had some wise words that he spoke the other day. I couldn't be more in agreement with these people. It's time for something to change. We need to do better.

La Russa, speaking to reporters, stressed his respect for Kapler as an individual, former player, and manager. La Russa also confirmed that his protest was illegal. La Russa stated, “It is not the flag.” “And it's no anthem.”

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