Tony Ressler, owner of the Atlanta Hawks, promises that they won’t be complacent in offseason

ATLANTA HawksTony Ressler, the principal owner, said Thursday that the team would not make the same “mistake” as he believed set the stage for this year's disappointing first round exit from the playoffs.

Ressler indicated that the Hawks would not stand by this offseason — even though it meant paying a salary tax.

The Hawks brought back a young core that was led by Trae Young John CollinsThe team that was defeated by the Milwaukee BucksLast season, the Eastern Conference finals were won. Ressler expressed confidence that the team would improve on the basis of past experience.

The Hawks, however, won the play in tournament with the No. 8 seed, before falling to the Miami Heat in five games during the first round of the playoffs.

Ressler stated Thursday that “We thought it would be better this year.” “We intend to improve this offseason.”

Ressler stated that too much emphasis was being placed on the postseason's surprise success. Travis Schlenk, the general manager of the team, said that there was no significant deal this season other than forward trading. Cam ReddishThe New York KnicksFor Kevin KnoxA protected first-round draft selection for a player who has not played much.

Ressler said, “I believe if you ask our front office they will say that based upon last season's trip to the Eastern Conference finals, we thought that we could bring home predominantly the same team and expect it to get better and be better.” Ressler said, “I don’t believe that it worked out the way that we thought.”

“So, yes, I believe we should have tried harder to improve than to bring back what was. It won't happen again. This was, in my opinion, a mistake.

Ressler stated that Schlenk and Nate McMillan are his “enormous confidence”, while also stating that the GM, coach, and Ressler “all underperformed” this year.

Ressler's honest appraisal is a sign that there are plans to shake up the roster in the next season. Young might be traded.

Ressler was also candid in his statement that he would be open to paying new players even if it meant paying a payroll taxes. He clarified his previous statement that he was open to paying the tax only if there were championship contenders.

Ressler stated, “Going into tax doesn't scare us.”

“Going into tax is, in my view, not possible if you are competing for a championship during that season. Our job is to make a name for ourselves in the tax world, and to do so when it's a good idea. We don't fear spending money. Atlanta will be an attractive market for anyone who wants to play here. “Money is not going to be an obstacle.”

The Hawks extended their core players' contracts last offseason. This included a maximum five-year contract extension of $207 million with Young, a fiveyear deal with Collins worth $125 million and a four year extension with Collins worth $65 millions. Kevin Huerter.

Young led the Hawks, who boasted a high scoring offense but were among the league's worst defense. Re-signing backup point guard Delon WrightOne of the top defenders in the team and an unrestricted agent free agent, could be a priority.

Ressler's call to change is a basis for the Hawks' willingness to seek help from other sources.

Ressler answered a question about Young's team and said, “I think every NBA franchise should add a superstar whenever it can. And I promise you, we're not an exception.”

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