Toronto Blue Jays are confused and upset by a series of’surprisingly’ ejections that resulted in a loss to the New York Yankees

The Blue JaysSuffered a deflating 6-5 lossTuesday Night against the YankeesIt was in the Bronx but it was a series o umpire decisions earlier on in the game that left Toronto coaches and players scratching there heads.

Blue Jays reliever Yimi GarciaAs part of an unusual sequence in the sixth and seventh innings, Pete Walker and Charlie Montoyo, the manager, were both ejected.

Two pitches after allowing a tie three-run home run Giancarlo Stanton, Garcia hit Josh DonaldsonIn the upper left arm, Garcia hit a fastball at 94 mph that caused an angry reaction from the Yankees dugout. After a lengthy conference between the umpires Garcia received no warning and was immediately ejected.

Blue Jays shortstop, “There's no reason anyone would attempt to hit anybody in 3-3 games,” Bo Bichette said.

Garcia reacted violently to his ejection. Montoyo, Toronto's coach staff had to restrain him. They rushed onto Toronto's field to provide an explanation. Walker was also ejected in the altercation.

Alfonso Marquez was crew chief and told a pool reporter umpires felt ejection was best because they believed Garcia's actions were intentional. This was partly due to a verbal exchange between Donaldson, Blue Jays catcher. Tyler Heineman.

Marquez reported that Marquez had stated in his pool report, “Given the situation up to that moment, we just thought it was intentional.” “And when this happens, we have two options: ejecting or going warnings. However, we felt that ejection was our best option.”

“I'm going tell you exactly what they said to me. Montoyo stated that they believed that Yimi Garcia threw against Donaldson because Donaldson and Heineman were shouting at each other in fifth inning. “They decided they believed we threw at Donaldson after the home run on second pitch.”

Garcia was still confused about the ejection the day after, and told reporters that he wasn’t trying to hit Donaldson due to the current situation.

Garcia stated that he was also frustrated by the baseball's slickness during Tuesday's game. This is in line with concerns expressed earlier this season by other pitchers regarding the consistency of the used baseballs.

Sportsnet reports that Gimi stated to reporters via a translator that “Last Night was one of my worst nights regarding the baseballs.” “It's embarrassing. For me, the balls that we have right now are very bad. They are slippery.”

Donaldson stated that Garcia did not intentionally hit him, but that it didn't look well on TV. Heineman was a Yankees third baseman who also played in four seasons with the Blue Jays. He acknowledged having spoken to him earlier in the game, but said that he didn't have any previous relationships with Heineman.

Donaldson stated to reporters, “I didn’t even know the guy.” “I didn’t even realize that his name was — I had never heard about him.”

The Blue Jays were even more furious in the seventh when Yankees reliever was called. Jonathan LoaisigaBichette was rebuffed with a fastball of 97 mph. Numerous Blue Jays players and coaches shouted at Lance Barrett, the plate umpire. He ultimately ejected Montoyo.

Bichette stated that the sequence of umpiring decisions and events was confusing and said “none” of it made sense.

“There was every reason to hit.” [Donaldson]He said that he was as likely to be hit by them as they could have. “I mean, umpires do their best. They did what they believed was right, but it was unexpected.”

Toronto regained the lead, but ultimately lost on Aaron JudgeThree-run walk-off homer from star closer Jordan RomanoIt was the fifth loss in eight meetings with the Yankees division rivals. Both teams will face off Wednesday afternoon at Yankee Stadium in the final of their two game series.

“I'm proud that my team came back after all of the s Montoyo. “Believe it me, we could've said, Oh, umpires are against you' and all that stuff. We fought back, and in the ninth inning we had the best closer of baseball.

It's actually the reverse. My team is proud to have returned in a game such as this.

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