Trevor Bauer, Los Angeles Dodgers, has extended his leave through April 29 by MLB’s players’ union

Los Angeles DodgersPitcher Trevor BauerMultiple media reports claim that Major League Baseball extended his administrative leave through April 29.

After a Southern California woman complained that he had punched and choked her to unconsciousness and had anal and sexual sex with her during two previous sexual encounters, the union and MLB placed him on seven days' paid parental leave.

MLB and the union have since reached multiple extensions to the administrative leave.

Bauer hasn't pitched since June 29, 2021. In his first season as a Dodgers player, he had a record 8-2 with a 2.59 ERA and 17 appearances. He signed a $32 million, three-year contract for the Dodgers last offseason. In addition to his $28 million salary for 2020, he was also paid his $28million salary.

Los Angeles prosecutors decided not to prosecute Bauer for domestic violence and assault in February.

Bauer denied in a YouTube video of seven minutes that he had ever abused the woman following the verdict by the prosecutors. Bauer claimed that the couple had rough sex and that they followed guidelines she agreed to beforehand. He claimed that they ended each encounter by laughing and her spending the night.

ESPN doesn't often identify those who claim to have been victims or sexual assault.

After winning his first Cy Young Award from the Cincinnati RedsBauer signed a $102million, three-year contract in 2020 to join the Dodgers.

This report was compiled by the Associated Press.

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