Trevor Story and Xander Bogaerts make the most of an awkward situation at Boston Red Sox

BOSTON Xander BogaertsNever had he secretly wished to be a member. Boston Red Soxfor his entire life. This was a goal he publicly stated back in his time at Triple-A Pawtucket.

However, Boston's future is uncertain now that the All-Star shortstop has decided to leave his contract and a natural successor for him is available just two lockers lower in the Fenway Park clubhouse.

He cannot just ignore all the noise.

Bogaerts stated that she tried to not let the incident affect her, but she said, “But you're human, man.”

Bogaerts is available for at least one season Trevor StoryThe former Colorado RockiesBoston signed a six year, $140m contract as shortstop in spring. They will need to learn how they can work together as a double play combination. Their potential awkward relationship is not likely to be a major problem. Manager Alex Cora said that he is happy with the chemistry between Bogaerts (and Story), who spend lots of time together in clubhouse with locker mates. Rafael Devers.

Cora stated that it's not about speaking. “Trevor's really good at that. He has. [Bogaerts and Devers]Talking defense is great. That is what we love. … I said to him that you might see things that make you giggle because they aren't talking about the game. Trevor was told by me that he would help them become better defenders, and that they would help you become a better offensive player.

Bogaerts acknowledged that he was unable to cope with the public rumors about the Red Sox's interest Story, but he did understand the value Story could bring the clubhouse.

Bogaerts expressed his happiness that the plan worked. “I would imagine you have several other options. This type of talent is obvious. If someone has an injury, or something, someone will want someone like that. He's here now, and I was glad that everything worked out.

Story claimed that Bogaerts sent him a recruitment call. Even though they only spent one season together, it was important.

Story said that the call “solidified a lot things for me,” and is currently batting.217/.316/.290 in his 18 first games with Boston. “I knew what the situation was.” Bogie plays short. Bogie has been around since forever. However, I found myself feeling a lot more comfortable with the situation because of that call.

Bogaerts states: “It is going well, man. [Story]It's easy to get along well with. It seems like he is very approachable and laid back. He is a bit quiet but probably trying to adjust to the atmosphere.

Bogaerts is also adjusting to a new reality. He now faces constant speculation about the next career move, which is something he has never had to do in his relatively calm career. The Red Sox offered a four-year contract worth $90 million, but he couldn't agree to an extension with Boston. Bogaerts was searching for a deal that would make him one the most highly-paid shortstops. The Red Sox offered a four-year, $90 million contract. After this season, Bogaerts plans to cancel the six-year, $120m deal he signed back in 2019.

Bogaerts is cautious but sometimes lets his disappointment shine through. Bogaerts' sources say that he indicated a willingness to switch from shortstop, to second or third base, as long as it meant that he could extend his time in Boston. When reporters asked him about his plans to move positions, he said that he wouldn't change from shortstop. The Red Sox may sign a member from the stellar free-agent class of shortstops this winter, which included Corey SeagerSources say that Boston's top target was this man Carlos CorreaStory is not the only thing you can do.

“It's sometimes like I don’t even know if it's me. [still]Bogaerts spoke in spring training about the importance of teamwork. “You guys have more information than we as players on this type of stuff. It's out. [my] control. I can't really do anything about it. Sometimes you can see it and feel like you exist. I'm here.'”

A month later, Bogaerts, visibly distraught, stated to the media at Yankee Stadium on the eve Of Opening Day that the Red Sox had extended his contract offer. but the two sides couldn't come to an agreement.

Bogaerts replied flatly that there was no deal. “No.”

The Red Sox front office under Chaim Bloom has been reluctant to sign long-term players for large sums of money. This is evident in the group's decision not to trade. Mookie BettsTo the Los Angeles DodgersBefore he could test on the open market. Because of Devers' relative youth and generational hitting ability, the team places a greater priority on Devers, who is eligible to free agency after the 2023 season. Boston isn't ruling out Bogaerts being brought back, but a strong 2022 season which drives up his price will likely lower the chances of a Red Sox reunion.

Bogaerts' career has been a great start. Bogaerts, a 29-year old shortstop, is hitting.369/.418/.500 this season and leads the Red Sox's fWAR. This is crucial for an offense that ranks 25th overall in fWAR as well as 23rd in runs. Boston's pitching ranks twenty-fifth in fWAR as well as sixteenth in ERA. This leaves them a distant fourth in a highly competitive AL East.

Others in the Red Sox clubhouse understand Bogaerts’ impending offseason situation, but they try to avoid distractions.

“I don’t talk about it. Outfielder: “I don’t even think about it.” Alex Verdugo said. “That's it. That's the business aspect. Let that person handle it. Boston has to make a difficult decision, and they have to pay some money. It's easy to get Devers or Bogey [under long-term contracts]. They are vital. These are the impact players.”

Bogaerts recently said that he has been reflecting on the challenges he experienced at the beginning his Red Sox career. After hitting.240/.297/.362 in his first season in the majors, many wondered if Bogaerts was a failure after he rose to the top of the game's prospects. However, he reached.320 in 2015 and was selected to the 2016 All-Star team.

Bogaerts stated, “As I grew older, I realized that you're going to go through some tough periods.” It's important to understand what kind of player you are and believe that you can get out of this hole faster. Even though I had my downs in the beginning of the career, it was worth it. You appreciate the good times more when you are doing well. It can be hard on players, and you know how difficult it can be. There are many eyes on you.

Bogaerts, despite players claiming they don't read or hear anything about the team or their teammates in the media or social media, admits that he doesn’t live in a bubble.

Bogaerts explained that “sometimes you see and hear things” and that it is better to block out those noises. “You should not think about these things.”

It is easier to try than do.

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