Al Horford scores 30 playoff points, breaking a playoff record, to rescue the Boston Celtics from Giannis Antitokounmpo in Game 4.

MILWAUKEE Al HorfordHe knew he would get his revenge.

After Giannis AntetokounmpoThe slugger was fouled on Monday night in the third quarter. Milwaukee BucksThe technical foul was issued to superstar for speaking in Horford's face. Horford looked at Antetokounmpo as he walked back up to the court. He just nodded and said “OK”.

Horford stated, “I couldn't understand what he said but the way that he looked at my face didn't sit well for me.” “That was what got me going.”

Horford returned the favor in the next quarter. He caught the ball from the perimeter and hit Antetokounmpo by pumping fake. Antetokounmpo bit. Horford drove to Antetokounmpo's right, raising at the rim for an over-the-top slam.

Boston had been looking for the turning point and it was that. It defeated Milwaukee down the stretch with a 116-108 win in Game 4. The series is now tied at 2 and will return to Boston on Wednesday night.

Horford was called for a technical foul after his dunk. He inadvertently slapped Antetokounmpo in his face. This prompted a flurry of celebrations that saw him leaping from one sideline to the other. Milwaukee led by 10 points at the end of the third quarter. But Horford's slam gave the Celtics an emphatic 10-0 run, which put them back in the game and eventually in control.

Horford said, “The playoffs can be very emotional and intense.” “Tonight, things were not going our way. It was difficult in the third quarter for a while. (Marcus) SmartThe huddle continued to talk and the leader kept reminding us to keep going. It was clear that there were a lot emotions at that moment. Yes, that's it.

Smart claimed that the Horford dunk gave the Celtics the boost they needed to overcome what was becoming a tough game.

Smart stated that it was a big-time game in a big moment. It's a physical sport. It felt good to be on the other side a few times.

Horford finished with 16 points. He was 6 of 6, shooting 66% from the field in fourth quarter. Horford also hit a pair 3 pointers and two free throws. Horford finished the game with 30 points. This was a playoff record for Horford, who was playing in his 132nd postseason game.

After scoring 22 points and grabbing 16 rebounds in Game 3's loss Saturday, Horford and the rest of the team took it harder than usual.

Horford stated, “We believed that at Game 3 we were in position to win the game. But we weren't.” “I was completely locked in. I was able to understand the situation and what we had to do together. We were going to do whatever it took to win tonight. It was one of those nights.

The team followed Horford's lead and scored 43 points on 16 of 19 shooting to win the fourth quarter. The final quarter of the Celtics' history saw 43 points, which was tied with Game 5 in 2001 against the Philadelphia Flyers. Philadelphia 76ers), according to ESPN Stats & Information. Boston's 84.2% shot percentage was the best in any quarter of the postseason for the team since 1997-98.

The Bucks converted Horford's technical free throw, which was made after Antetokounmpo was inadvertently hit by Horford. Horford then hit his foul shot. Milwaukee made the next two baskets in order to extend their lead. However, Horford came back with another basket and ended a quick 7-1 run with a 3 pointer.

With 6:02 remaining, the Bucks took the lead with an Antetokounmpo basket. Horford responded with another 3-pointer to give Boston the lead. Horford scored a three-pointer on Boston's next possession, putting the Celtics up 95 to94.

Although the Celtics rode the emotion wave to the finish, everything really took off with the dunk.

“That was a great play!” Jayson Tatum said. It is a great way to get everyone off the bench, especially when Al reverses the clock and looks back at his old self. Al plays with passion. Al's passion is infectious and everyone has to emulate it.”

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