Tua Tagovailoa claims he doesn’t feel any pressure from the Miami Dolphins’ additions

MIAMI — All signs point to increased pressure. Dolphins quarterback Tua TagovailoaThe 2022 season.

The Dolphins have hired Mike McDaniel as an offensive-minded coach and traded for All-Pro receivers in the span of just three months. Tyreek HillSigned ESPN's highest-ranked left tackle free agent Terron ArmsteadAnd that's not even mentioning their running backs Raheem Mostert Chase EdmondsGuard Connor WilliamsBoth the receiver and sender Cedrick Wilson.

It's clear that Tagovailoa is the one responsible for this team's success.

He believes the pressure to achieve success is like the sunshine in Miami.

He stated Wednesday, “I believe pressure is going to exist every time.” “I don’t feel any more pressure now that we have all these guys. It's more an opportunity that I get and that we all get together as a team to show what we can accomplish this year.

Tagovailoa, along with the Dolphins, returned to the Dolphins' facility in April to begin their offseason fitness program. Players are not required to attend.

There are many veterans, such as cornerback Xavien HowardOffensive tackle Austin JacksonBoth have talked about Miami's high attendance thus far at the workouts, with Tagovailoa adding to that narrative during Wednesday's media session. McDaniel was also acknowledged for his efforts so far by the third-year quarterback.

“The locker room feels very different. Tagovailoa stated that everyone is excited. “This is the first year I've seen a lot more guys attend Phase I of OTAs, and a lot are veterans attending it.” That speaks volumes about Mike's relationship with many of the team members and the respect he shows the players.

Tagovailoa talked about his relationship McDaniel as well, citing McDaniel's presence at his charity eventYou can get it earlier in April.

McDaniel, he said, “doesn’t force you to become what you’re not.” This has made McDaniel a favorite of his players during his first months as the head coach.

Although the emphasis on a team's quarterback is usually the main focus, Miami's additions to its offense were made with McDaniel more in mind than Tagovailoa. Chris Grier, general manager of the team, said that many of the new players are Tagovailoa-like but they all fit McDaniel's vision for his offense.

“Yeah. I believe a lot of it, too, has something to do with Coach McDaniel, and his coaching staff. Grier spoke about the offense Mike uses, what he's creating here, and his philosophy. “I think we've added some offensive pieces, but it all fits Mike's needs.

“The locker area feels different. We're all excited. It's the first time I have seen a lot more guys attend Phase I of OTAs, and a lot more veterans are attending. This speaks volumes about Mike's relationship with many of the guys and the respect he shows the players.

Tua Tagovailoa claims he doesn't feel any pressure from the Miami Dolphins' additions

Tua Tagovailoa

“A lot of it fits what Tua does well, and I think we are all very excited. Mike and Coach (Darrell), Bevell have been talking about Tua over and I know that they've enjoyed their time together in the meeting rooms, and seeing him play on the field yesterday. We're excited for him and look forward to the season.

Many pundits in the league were critical of Tagovailoa’s ceiling during his 2021 season. Tagovailoa finished seventh in completion percentage in NFL. However, his average air yards per attempt of 6.92 was eighth-lowest in league while his average completion yards per completion of 10.09 was seventh.

A variety of injuries meant that he missed six more games last season.

That was the previous Dolphins regime. Tagovailoa, who is now a member of a new offensive team, expects to be more productive in his third NFL season. This is especially considering the arsenal of weapons at his disposal.

He stated, “I sat down to discuss about 150 clips of throws with my head coach.” Throws that needed to be improved, throws that were great, all kinds of throws. It transitions to the way that he schemes up the offense. That is why he showed it to me.

“YAC (yards after catch) is the most important thing for us.” We want to YAC every team.”

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