Twins recall Royce Lewis, minors. He will be played at multiple positions

Royce Lewis With the Minnesota Twins He will also be responsible for helping at other positions than his usual spot at shortstop.

The Twins recalled Lewis from Triple A St. Paul, the first-place Twins team. He started Sunday's game in center field against them Kansas City RoyalsThe seventh batting position.

Lewis was a part of 11 games played by the Twins. Carlos Correa He was forced to miss a lot of games and hit.308 while shortstop. After Correa was back and Lewis was sent to the minors again, the Twins asked Lewis to play other positions so he could be a contributor in the majors. In his 10 previous games at Triple-A, he was at shortstop and third base. He also played center field, left field, and third base at Triple-A.

He was ready for anything. Before Sunday's game, Rocco Baldelli, Twins manager, said that he was ready for anything.

Lewis mentioned before the game, “Fun” is what Lewis meant by learning new positions.

Jose Miranda, an Infielder was optioned by Triple-A in a similar move.

Lewis, 22 was the No. The Twins selected Lewis, 22, as the No. 1 overall pick in 2017. He is returning to the field for the first time in two years. Lewis missed the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 epidemic. After that, he tore his ACL while performing an agility drill as part of an offseason training session. Then, he reported to spring training last year. After reconstructive surgery, he remained out of the game for the entirety of 2021.

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