Two men were arrested for homicide in Dallas Cowboys case involving CB Kelvin Joseph

One day later Dallas Cowboyscornerback Kelvin JosephTwo arrests were made by Dallas police in relation to Cameron Ray's death on March 18.

Police announced Saturday the arrests of Aries, 28 and Tivione, 21, both of Baton Rouge (La) in connection to the homicide.

Barry Sorrels who is Joseph's attorney said that Joseph was a passenger in the vehicle where gunshots were fired last month that killed a man, but that he wasn’t the shooter.

Dallas police surveillance footage shows that Ray and Joseph were involved in an altercation. Later, shots were captured from an SUV that passed Ray and his friends as they walked to their car. Ray was found by police at 2:01 AM. He was taken to a local hospital where he later died.

Multiple sources claim that Joseph was encouraged by the Cowboys to meet with police about what he knows about the incident. The Cowboys issued a statement on Friday regarding the situation.

“The Dallas Cowboys are well aware of the tragic event that occurred in Dallas, Texas on March 18. Our hearts go out first and foremost to Mr. Ray's loved ones and his family. The NFL is aware that Kelvin Joseph may have been involved in this incident. We are in touch with Dallas law enforcement, and have notified the NFL office. We do not have any further comments at this time.”

A spokesperson for the league stated that the matter is currently under review in accordance with the league's personal conduct policies.

Joseph was selected by the Cowboys in the second round 2021 draft. He was a part of 10 games and made two starts.

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