Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback, was sued by two women.

Two women were accused Deshaun Watson Conviction for inappropriate sexual conduct Cleveland Browns For giving the quarterback a NFL-record $230million guaranteed contract, after he was traded.

Ashley Solis, who spoke out about the Browns during an interview on HBO's ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel'. The interview will air on Tuesday night. It's how it feels. It doesn't matter. He can run and throw and that's all we care about.”

Watson is now facing 22 civil lawsuits brought by women who accuse him of inappropriate sex during massage sessions. Watson denies any wrongdoing and two grand juries have declined to bring criminal charges in Texas.

However, the NFL is currently investigating Watson's possible violation of its code. Watson was interviewed last week.

The Browns traded Watson for Watson on March 18, despite the allegations against him. Houston Texans The deal was completed by a trade that included three first-rounders. Watson was then awarded a five-year contract by the Browns, which is $80 million higher than the previous record set by the reigning MVP. Aaron Rodgers He signed the extension with the Green Bay Packers In the offseason, it is better to do this earlier.

Kyla Hayes who, along with Solis, accused Watson of indecent sexual conduct, called the record contract that the Browns had given Watson “sick,”

She said that she felt like he was being rewarded for his bad behavior in the HBO interview.

Leah Graham was one of Watson's lawyers and told HBO that Watson had “no regrets” because he did not do anything wrong.

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