Tyler Herro talks about the injury-plagued end of season and hopes for 2022-23 when the Miami Heat are back in action

Miami Heat Guard Tyler Herro Wants to start the next season.

During his interview Tuesday with the media, the Sixth Man of the Years award winner made this clear.

Herro replied, “Yeah for sure,” “In a way, I would love to start. It's my fourth year. I believe I have earned it. We'll see what happens.

Herro averaged 20.7 points and five rebounds per game this season, while leading the Heat to the No. The Eastern Conference's No.1 seed. Herro, who is expected to receive a major contract extension this offseason said that he is uncertain if a deal will be made before the October deadline.

Herro stated, “I'm not certain yet, honestly,” what will happen. “We'll watch what happens this summer. Jeff Schwartz, my agent, will speak to anyone he needs and we'll watch what happens.

Herro played well during the regular season but struggled to find consistency in postseason. Herro scored an average of 12.8 points in quarterfinals against the opponent. Atlanta Hawks– 14.7 points in semifinals against Philadelphia 76ers And just 9.3 against the finals of the conference Boston Celtics — A series in the he continued to treat a lingering Groin Injury that required him to miss three more games and be very limited in Game 7.

Herro stated that the playoffs were a “weird ride” for him. There were many ups and downs, but it was an educational experience for me. People don't realize that I am only 22 years old, but it was my third playoffs. As I make a leap this year, I keep getting better. I believe throughout my career, even early in my career, there will be small setbacks. But, I have learned a lot.

It motivates me, makes me feel better, and helps me to learn what I can do to improve my chances of succeeding next time.

Herro indicated that he will continue to strengthen his body over the summer while he recovers from the groin injuries. Herro only played seven minutes in Sunday's 100 -96 Game 7 loss.

Herro said, “Going into game 7, I was kinda on the fence about whether or not to play.” “And I felt that I was fit enough to play. Me and [Heat coach Erik Spoelstra] We had a great conversation and he felt that it was all hands on deck. Whether I would play or not depended on the game's progress.

“But we loved the way my groin looked.” [rehab] was moving and we believed we would win Game 7, and I was almost 100 percent for The Finals Game 1, so it's unfortunate that the season ended. However, I thought I'd still be available for Game 1.

Heat suffered a number of injuries to key players towards the end of the season. This included a hamstring injury which limited veteran point guards. Kyle Lowry All through the playoffs.

Spoelstra said Tuesday that “I believe Kyle will return in the next camp in the most fit of his career.” As you progress in your career and get into your 30s, this is an important point. It's about conditioning and maintaining your body well. Kyle knows that father time is your greatest opponent and he understands this as well as anyone. He works hard, he trains hard and he is diligent during the season.

Lowry, 36 had an average of 13.4 points per game during 63 regular season contests. The Heat can only hope that Lowry will stay on the floor and continue producing more since he still has two years to go on the $58 million dollar deal he signed prior to last season.

Spoelstra said, “You have to consider everything.” “The missed games, the injuries, it's all not apples to apples. Then, trying to pick up speed as fast as possible during a series — these things are not excuses. I thought Kyle was at his best six weeks prior to the playoffs. If we could have made the playoffs, then that would have been perfect for him. The challenge for all our veterans next year will be to see how they can improve their games and add some new things.

Lowry, for his part, admitted after Sunday's match how frustrating it was to have to deal with the hamstring injury all through the playoffs.

Lowry stated, “I wish that I could have been able play a bit better, at higher levels, but I wasn't.” It only adds fuel. It's impossible to know how many opportunities there will be to return to this. For me, it was a waste.

“I play only to win championships. It was fun. I appreciated the team, my teammates and the opportunity. For me, it was a waste of time. You are not competing for a championship.

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