Tyreek Hill is’very confident’ in his quarterback as Miami Dolphins WR bonds are made with Tua Tagovailoa

MIAMI — Dolphins Large receiver Tyreek Hill Has only caught passes Tua Tagovailoa For a month, but has already received high praises for his new quarterback.

Hill stated this to reporters during his introductory press conference in March After Tuesday's OTA practice, he stated that he knew Tua was “one the most accurate quarterbacks of the NFL” and he continued to expand on that statement.

Hill stated that at first I thought it would be crazy with the ball moving all over the place. But Tua actually has one of the most beautiful balls I have ever caught in my entire life. It's very easy to catch. Tua is a very precise quarterback. That's all I have to add.

Miami traded five draft selections, including first- and second-round picks for the 2022 draft to the Kansas City Chiefs Hill was traded in March in exchange for $72 million. Hill was then immediately signed to the most lucrative NFL wide receiver contract ever — a four year, $120 million extension.

Hill and Tagovailoa have been teammates for less than two months. Hill was even there earlier in May, when a video of Hill practicing with Tagovailoa showing him throwing a ball that appeared to be underthrown by Tagovailoa became viral and received nearly 7 million views via Twitter.

Hill responded by the next day posting a video of several deep passes From Tagovailoa to Dolphins receivers.

Hill stated, “Football is all about confidence. I feel very confident in my quarterback.” Hill said, “So I feel like if he can get all the confidence in his world and push other guys that confidence into him then the sky's not the limit because he has incredible arm strength, arm talent, and is a hell of a talent.

“We all love to watch him throw the ball every single day.

Mike McDaniel, Dolphins coach, has given Tagovailoa high praise for his performance and work ethic during this offseason. Tagovailoa was named the practice player of day last week.

McDaniel stated Tuesday that Tagovailoa was a remarkable person.

McDaniel said, “I have seen a guy who's attacking the moment and a guy who really enjoys playing football.” “You hear people describe a quarterback's instinctiveness … I was unsure what that meant. Although I now know what it meant, I don't know how to explain it better than instinctiveness.

“But, you can tell that the player has been playing the position for a while and that he views the game of football through a lens of the quarterback position. His development in the offensive plan and as the starting quarterback for Miami Dolphins has been a great joy.

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