Voting for MLB All-Stars has begun; the starters will be announced July 8.

NEW YORK — Fans began voting Wednesday for the All-Star Game in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium on July 19.

During the first phase, which lasts through June 30, at 2 p.m. Eastern Time (EDT), a person can submit five votes per hour. The game will begin with the highest vote-getter of each league and it will skip the second round.

The second phase, which includes the top two in each position in each League other than Outfield, will run from noon ET on July 5, through 2 p.m. ET. ET on July 8.

After Major League Baseball's March decision to extend the DH to the NL, a vote will also be taken on a National League designated hitter.

July 8th will see the election of starters. July 8th will see the announcement of 23 starters and reserves. They were selected partly through player voting, and partly by commissioner's offices.

In 2019, the two-round voting system was established. In 2019, the two-round voting system was established. The first round saw the highest number of votes in each league to be awarded a $15,000 bonus. This payment was to the player who received the most votes at catcher, infield positions and the top three outfielders. All positions except the outfield receive $5,000 each and $2,500 each for the second-placed finishers.

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