Warriors have options for James Wiseman and Jonathan Kuminga as well as Moses Moody

The Golden State Warriors You have taken the fourth year option for center James Wiseman Forward Options: Third-year and second-year options Jonathan Kuminga Protect yourself Moses Moody Sources have confirmed to ESPN that they were able to confirm the deadline for Monday.

Wiseman's option for Wiseman is $12.1million, while Kuminga's or Moody's options are $6 million and $3.9 millions, respectively. The Warriors have the trio under contract until the 2023-24 season. Wiseman is eligible for an extension next summer, and could become a restricted-free agent in 2024.

Moody, Kuminga, and Wiseman have been crucial figures in Golden State’s dual-pronged plan to win with their championship core while also investing in their potential successors.

Wiseman was the Warriors' No. 2 overall pick in 2020. 2nd overall pick in 2020. He played 39 games in his rookie season before sustaining a meniscus injury. This injury also kept him out of the entire last year, as he suffered numerous setbacks.

Golden State isn't too ambitious about Wiseman’s role in what they hope will be his first full season. They tell ESPN that they want Wiseman to concentrate on the basics and be a solid backup. Kevon Looney. Wiseman has averaged 8.7 points per game and 4.4 rebounds per game in the first seven games. This is 14.6 minutes.

Moody, who averaged 6.4 and 2.4 points in 17.0 minutes per games in his first seven appearances, has been a steady presence with the Warriors' second team so far this season. He was drafted by the Warriors with the No. Moody was the 14th pick in 2021 and was considered more NBA-ready than Kuminga, his draft classmate. The Warriors picked Moody with the No. 7 pick.

Kuminga is yet to make it into the Warriors' roster. Steve Kerr, Warriors coach says this is due in part to the depth Golden State has. Kerr also believes that he finds the right opportunities. Kuminga averages 10 minutes per game through six games. He was also a DNP against The Warriors. Miami Heat Kerr said last week that Kuminga wasn’t happy about something.

However, Kuminga is seen by the Warriors as a high-upside athlete with raw talent and athleticism which isn't equaled by anyone else.

The Athletic reported the Warriors' acquisition of the options first.

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