Washington Commanders, DT Jonathan Allen regrets tweeting that he would love to dine with Hitler

Washington Commanders defensive tackle Jonathan AllenHe apologized for a tweet he sent that Adolf Hitler was among three people he would like to have dinner with.

Allen, Washington, was nominated for the Walter Payton Men of the Year Award for second consecutive years. He told his almost 68,000 Twitter followers to “Ask him anything” early Wednesday morning. One of his followers asked him which three people he would like to sit at the dinner table with, alive or dead. Allen answered by saying that his “granddad”, hitler and michael Jackson were the three people he wanted to be at the table.

He replied in a tweet, which was later deleted, that Hitler was a military genius who loved military tactics. However, I would love to get his thoughts on why he did the things he did. I also assume that the people I choose will answer all of my questions truthfully.

Later in the afternoon Allen tweeted“Early, I tweeted something that probably caused pain to people and I am sorry about what I said.” I realized that I wasn't expressing what I wanted to say properly and it was stupid!

When he was pressed to choose his dinner after the initial tweet, Allen saidHe was simply stating why it would be fun to talk with Hitler and not giving him any “props.” He also mentioned Hitler, the German dictator that started World War II and caused the Holocaust, killing millions upon millions of Jews. But this was just a hypothetical question.

He then apologized to the other person who had identified himself as Jewish, and he responded to that question. “I was simply answering a question.” Allen said.

Allen is a team captain and played in Sunday's first Pro Bowl game. He has been a key figure for the franchise since 2017 when it drafted Allen in the first round. Allen was the only player to present the new team name and uniforms at the ceremony.

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