Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder rejects House Oversight Committee invitation to testify on workplace culture investigation of franchisees

Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder rejects House Oversight Committee invitation to testify on workplace culture investigation of franchisees

Monday's statement by Daniel Snyder, the attorney representing Washington Commanders owner, was reaffirmed Monday. This is despite being requested by the committee for reconsideration.

Karen Patton Seymour declined to accept the House Oversight Committee's initial invitation. She said that Snyder had a long-standing Commanders-related business dispute and was therefore out of the country at the beginning of June. Seymour also requested copies to be used in the questioning by committee members.

Chairman Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), had written a six-page note to Snyder's lawyer on Friday indicating that Snyder could be present at the hearing on June 22, similar to what Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, is expected to do. The chairwoman stated that the committee wasn't required to provide documents, but would do so if Snyder agreed.

Seymour, however, informed the committee Monday that Mr. Snyder had a business conflict and couldn't be rescheduled. I am also concerned that your suggestion that Mr. Snyder might testify remotely does nothing to address my concern about Mr. Snyder's desire to have his counsel present in person.

She continued, saying, “The Snyders, Team, and Commanders remain willing to cooperate with this Committee and are eager to share their cultural transformations undertaken by the Commanders, if the Committee is interested, in obtaining such information in accordance with fairness protections and due process.”

ESPN received a statement from a House Oversight Committee spokeswoman saying that Snyder would have accepted an invitation by the Committee to testify about Commanders' toxic workplace culture. As the Chairwoman's note clearly indicated, the Committee has been more accommodating than that-even allowing Mr. Snyder testify remotely from France. It is clear that Snyder does not want to testify. This sends a signal to the American public that Snyder is trying to cover up something and is afraid to speak out to address major concerns about worker protection at the NFL. The Committee will not let this stop it from investigating the truth about workplace misconduct at the NFL. Washington Commanders.”

After an investigation into Snyder's workplace culture, the NFL fined Snyder's Commanders $10 Million in July 2021. Soon after Snyder's purchase, Congress opened an investigation in October. A former employee claimed she was sexually harassed in 2019 and Congress is continuing its investigation.

Washington fired several employees following the incident allegations of sexual harassment were uncovered by The Washington Post The summer of 2020. Others were also charged with harassment sexually and had resigned or left the organization by that time.

Maloney claimed Snyder could testify, despite ongoing investigations. That was another reason Snyder hesitated, according to his lawyer's letter. In February, the NFL opened a new investigation into the claims of the ex-employee. The attorney generals of Washington, D.C. and Virginia are also investigating allegations of financial improprieties.

Maloney wrote that Congress has been investigating matters subject to parallel proceedings for a long time.

She claimed that Snyder, by refusing to testify, refuses to “accept responsibility for the culture he fostered within his group” and cast doubt on his “assertion of the Commanders as a model for how to make extraordinary improvements to workplace culture.”

ESPN's John Keim contributed this report.

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