Washington Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle travels to IL after sustaining a sprained elbow

WASHINGTON NationalsRelief Sean DoolittleEven with the disappointment and frustration of being on the 10-day injury list due to a left elbow strain, Wednesday was able to make a joke and smile.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about it last evening. Flew too close the sun, man. ‘Finally develops a break ball and ends up in the IL. It was a long con. I had been setting up guys for 10 years, and then I started throwing a breaking baseball now. Doolittle quickly made sure everyone understood he was kidding, adding: “I don’t believe that’s the reason.

The two-time All Star left-hander was a part of Washington's 2019 World Series title team. He played for Seattle last year, as well as Cincinnati and Seattle. Now, Doolittle is back with Nationals bullpen and has been thriving. Doolittle was able to retire 16 of 17 batters in 2022 with his fastball at 95 mph and a new breaking ball.

The streak was ended by Washington's 6-1 win in Game 1 against Arizona. Doolittle was the Diamondbacks' second player to hit against Doolittle. Seth Beer, doubled. Doolittle managed to get the next batter to fly, despite his slower velocity.

Doolittle, 35, still felt sore when warming up and on the mound. This sensation was first noticed Sunday, when he relieved two of the pitchers he had pitched to in a loss at Pittsburgh.

Doolittle stated, “It just got too far and we have to put the brakes on it. Make sure we do all we can to make it right.”

Washington also recalled Sam Clay, left-hander, and right-hander. Francisco PerezRochester: Optioned outfielder Donovan Caseyto the Triple A team.

Manager Dave Martinez claimed that Doolittle's elbow issues were not discovered until Tuesday's visit.

Martinez stated that “We are definitely going to be careful.”

Doolittle had an MRI done on Tuesday. He said that it wasn't clear how severe his injury might be.

He will stay in Washington to assist the team's training staff. The rehabilitation process will begin within 10 to 12 days. We will then assess the situation.

“It's extremely frustrating because, apart from the results on field, it's been so much fun having such a great time with this group. … Doolittle stated that he feels more at ease in the veteran role of helping young men. “Obviously the results are amazing. It was just… it was great to be back in Nats uniforms and feel back on the mound. I also found my spot in the clubhouse.

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