What fantasy baseball impact does the Trevor Story deal have?

Fantasy baseball is a dangerous world because of All-Star shortstops Trevor StoryLeave the Colorado RockiesSurprisingly, you signed with the Boston Red SoxIt is evident. He is no longer able to play at Denver's Coors Field in the altitude. Boston's Fenway Park still offers a friendly environment for hitting, and Story is an excellent hitter. While the home/road splits for Story's career are telling with an OPS over 200 points higher in home games and a batting average of 62 points better, this is not unusual for Rockies hitters. Fantasy managers must be fair.

3B, for example. Nolan ArenadoHe hit 34 home runs in his first season as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. St. Louis CardinalsAfter leaving the Rockies. Infielder DJ LeMahieuIn his first season as a member of the, he hit 26 home runs that were a career record. New York YankeesHe won his second batting title. Although Story won't be in a slump at the plate this season; however, it is realistic to expect some disappointments. Story reached.251 in 2021 with just 24 home runs, even with the help of his home park. His.800 OPS is his lowest since 2017. BABIP played a part in Story's.800 OPS falling below.330 the first time it was (it was.293). Story also had too many groundballs. He will likely adjust.

Story, 29 years old, is a high-contact hitter who has power and speed. This combination will play no matter which team he joins. Boston will allow Story to make use of the short left-field wall to score plenty of doubles and there are no concerns in the running game. Story has stolen 20 bases each of the three previous full seasons. While we wait to hear from Story about the lineup spot he will be occupying, he could end his career anywhere, even before the power-laden tier 3B. Rafael DeversSS Xander Bogaertsand OF/DH J.D. MartinezOr after it. In any case, the numbers should be solid enough to merit the third or fourth round regardless of scoring format.

Story will likely move to second base, as Bogaerts is likely to keep his spot at shortstop. Story has never played other positions in his six MLB seasons, 745 games and 6 MLB seasons. Story will also add another position to his eligibility in the middle of April. Marcus SemienDo you remember a season ago? This is a great way to help fantasy.

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