What is the NFL’s biggest trade since Herschel Wade?

Without the trade of running Herschel to the Minnesota Vikings1989 saw the introduction of Dallas CowboysWho knows, perhaps the Super Bowl drought is in its fifth decade.

It is now at 26 years and counting, because the Walker deal propelled Cowboys from 1-15 under coach Jimmy Johnson to a Super Bowl in 1992. This was followed by championships 1993 and 1995.

The Seattle SeahawksWe are hopeful quarterback Russell WilsonTrades to the Denver BroncosThis could be their Walker trade. Seattle was awarded first-round picks 2022, 2023, and second-round picks 2022, 2023, and a fifth-round selection 2022, as well as quarterback Drew Lock, tight end Noah FantLineman of defense Shelby HarrisWilson and a 2022 fourth-rounder

They knew that Walker was their best player, but they also understood they needed to rebuild. Although Seattle may not believe they are in rebuild mode after winning the Super Bowl with Wilson, they will be able to quickly turn things around if they get on the draft picks as well as Dallas.

NFL Nation reporters take a look at some of the most significant trades since 1989, including the Walker-to–Minnesota and Wilson-to–Denver. — Todd Archer

What is the NFL's biggest trade since Herschel Wade?

What is the NFL's biggest trade since Herschel Wade?What is the NFL's biggest trade since Herschel Wade?

Oct 12, 1989: Cowboys/Vikings make the largest trade in history

Players and picks exchanged: 18

Cowboys were recognizedLB Jesse Solomon and LB David Howard; CB Issiac Hot, RB Darrin Neal, LB David Howard and DE Alex Stewart; 1990 picks at the first (No. 21; second, sixth and seventh rounds; 1991 picks (11) and 2nd rounds; 1992 picks (33) and 3rd rounds

Vikings were awardedRB Herschel Walk; 1990 picks, 5th and 10th rounds; 1991 pick in the 3rd round. The Cowboys traded RB Darrin Nelson to Dallas after he refused to report. Minnesota took the Chargers fifth-rounder in 1990.

What happened to the Cowboys? Brilliantly. Jimmy Johnson knew that he didn't intend to keep Solomon, Howard or Holt, and that he would have many picks in the three years ahead. The Cowboys also used these picks to acquire Emmitt Smith running back, Russell Maryland defensive tackle, Darren Woodson defensive back, and Clayton Holmes cornerbacks. The Cowboys were already able to add wide receiver Michael Irvin as well as quarterback Troy Aikman. Smith became the NFL's leading rusher and was a part of their triplets. Woodson was the team's leader in tackles, and should be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Maryland and Smith were both valuable players in a defense that continues to be underrated. The Cowboys were the first NFL team to win three Super Bowls within a span of four years. — Todd Archer

How did Vikings manage it?This trade was the worst in team history and proved that no one, especially not a quarterback, could offer a fair return on the terms of the deal. Walker made a big splash in 1989 when he ran for 148 yards against the rival Packers. This helped the Vikings win NFC Central. The Vikings lost their first playoff match and missed the postseason for the next two seasons. He rushed for 2,264 yards with 20 touchdowns in 42 games. In 1992, he was released as an unrestricted free agent. — Kevin Seifert

What is the NFL's biggest trade since Herschel Wade?What is the NFL's biggest trade since Herschel Wade?

March 8, 2022: Seahawks trade Russell WilsonBroncos

Players and picks exchanged: 10

Broncos received: QB Russell Wilson, and a 2022 fourth round pick

Seahawks ReceivedQB Drew Lock, TE Noah Fant, and the DL Shelby Harris; 2022 picks at the first (No. 9), second, and fifth rounds; 2022 picks in each round

How did Broncos do?The Broncos have given up the draft capital required to get it right. People get fired if it doesn’t. If you want to push in the chips, it's important that you do so for a franchise quarterback who has quality years remaining. Wilson, who will be 33 in November, is still in the sweet spot of quarterbacks. The contract Wilson has left is two years, which the Broncos are able to absorb. There is plenty of cap space to work with, as well as the possibility of an extension with their signal-caller. Wilson has won games (105-533-1 in his career), produces big moments and doesn’t throw interceptions – he’s never thrown more that 13 passes in a single season in his entire career and has thrown less than 10 per season six times. Although he takes a lot more sacks than he should, that's always a concern for injury. However, some of that is within the Broncos control, as they can adjust their offensive line to address it. — Jeff Legwold

How did Seahawks do it?Seattle got a good deal by acquiring two starters, Fant and Harris in the first and second rounds of each of their next two drafts. However, any Wilson trade would be judged on how well it placed the Seahawks to find a replacement. This trade is not a clear one. The No. The Seahawks would have the No. 9 overall pick, enough capital to move up if necessary, to give them a chance at getting their quarterback in a good draft for QBs. But this is not one. While Lock may have some upsides, there is no way that his first three seasons were enough to convince Seattle that he is the right long-term solution. For now, the Seahawks are given an insufficient grade. — Brady Henderson

What is the NFL's biggest trade since Herschel Wade?What is the NFL's biggest trade since Herschel Wade?

August 31, 2019, Dolphins trade Laremy TunsilTo Texans

Players and picks exchanged:

Dolphins were awardedOT Julie'n DavenportCB Johnson Bademosi; 2020 pick in the first round (26); 2021 picks for the first (3) or second rounds

Texans receivedOT Laremy Tulsil and WR Kenny Stills; a 2020 pick in the fourth round; a 2021 pick in the sixth round

What happened to the Dolphins?The trade was the catalyst for the Dolphins' complete rebuild. After the trade and another, they ended up with three first round picks in the 2020 draft. Minkah Fitzpatrick. You can interpret how efficient Miami used those picks. However, the worst move by the team was sending its 2020 first round pick from Houston over to the Packers. This was in order to take cornerback. Noah IgbinogheneOver running back Jonathan Taylor. Houston's 2021 First-rounder was actually the third overall pick. Miami traded it to the 49ers for three first round picks. Jaylen Waddle. He and the 2021 second-round selection Jevon HollandAs rookies, they looked like franchise cornerstones. — Marcel Louis-Jacques

What happened to the Texans?It's not. This was a major trade and filled a great need for the Texans. Houston was not able to reap the benefits of this trade. Although the 2020 pick in the first round was No. 26 while the 2020 pick was No. 3rd overall, after the Texans had gone 4-12. Miami made even more draft capital with the trade of that pick to Miami. San Francisco 49ers. Tunsil was not offered a contract extension at the time of the deal. Instead, Houston gave Tunsil a $66 million three-year contract with $40 million guaranteed at signing in 2020. Tunsil is now in the Texans' rebuilding phase and could be traded. — Sarah Barshop

What is the NFL's biggest trade since Herschel Wade?What is the NFL's biggest trade since Herschel Wade?

April 14, 2016: Rams acquire No. April 14, 2016: Rams acquire No.

Players and picks exchanged:

Titans received2016 picks in No. 15), second (twice), and third rounds; 2017 picks at the first (No.5) and third round

Rams accepted2016 picks in Round 1 (No. 1), fourth, sixth rounds

How did the Titans pull it off?Six consecutive playoff seasons were launched by the Titans thanks to players they picked with their draft picks. The big prize was the 2016 second-round pick Derrick HenryHenry, who is arguably the best running back of the league. Henry is the last player left from that boatload. He is, however, the driving force behind their offense. Other picks were used by the Titans to choose right tackle Jack ConklinA wide receiver Corey DavisEnds that are tight Jonnu Smith. Although Conklin, Davis, and Smith were released to free agency, they played a major role in Tennessee's rise as a perennial playoff contender. — Turron Davidnport

How did Rams get it to work?Everything is looking good, with the Rams getting their Super Bowl championship rings. They selected the quarterback with the first overall pick Jared GoffIt turned out that he wasn't worth it. The Rams were quick to realize this and switched him to the Lions last season for the veteran quarterback. Matthew StaffordGoff was a crucial piece of last season's playoff run. Even though Goff's five seasons as a Rams player don't seem to be worth it, the team still managed to make the most of the deal. — Adam Teicher

What is the NFL's biggest trade since Herschel Wade?What is the NFL's biggest trade since Herschel Wade?

April 17, 1999: Saints get all-in on Ricky Williams

Players and picks exchanged:

Saints were received: No. 5) in 1999, used on RB Ricky Williams

Washington received1999 picks in rounds one (12), three, fourth, fifth and sixth rounds; 2000 picks within rounds two (2) and three

What happened to the Saints?It's still one of the most controversial trades in sports history, nearly 25 years after it was made. After New Orleans went 3-13 during Williams' injury-plagued rookie campaign, coach Mike Ditka as well as GM Bill Kuharich were fired. It's important to note that Williams wasn't a failure. The Saints paid too much for the deal, and overplayed it by publishing the famous magazine cover featuring Ditka and Williams as the bride and groom. Williams ran for 1,000 yards in 10 games, while the Saints won its first playoff game in their history. He then gained 1,756 yards at scrimmage in 2001, before being traded to Miami for two first-round draft picks. — Mike Triplett

Washington got the result it neededVery well. Washington used the acquired cash to get back in the top 10, moving from No. From 12th to Champ Bailey, Washington used the acquired capital to move back into the top 10. Although he played only five seasons in Washington, he began a Hall of Fame career. Two fifth-round picks from the Saints were traded to move up the draft and select right tackle Jon Jansen. Jansen was a fixture in Washington for the next decade. Washington was drafted linebacker LaVar Ararrington in 2000, and Washington was the second overall pick after the Saints went 3-13. Washington was not able to make the playoffs, despite his impressive feat, until 1999. — John Keim

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