What’s the Match? Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are up against Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Josh Allen.

A new edition of The Match will feature golf fans and football fans joining forces Wednesday in Las Vegas, to see the NFL quarterbacks. Tom Brady And Aaron Rodgers Let go of your personal competition and team up against each other Patrick Mahomes And Josh Allen.

The 12-hole event will be a team event. It will also not include any professional golfers. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau And Brooks Koepka They have all been there in the past. The pros will be watching from their couches as they watch the big-time quarterbacks battle it out at Wynn Las Vegas.

These are some of The Match's biggest takeaways, as well as some memorable moments:

Fans are on alert

The Match has seen a decline in the quality of golf, with many shots being sprayed to the right and left. Trevor Immelman, a former Masters winner, is an analyst for the broadcast and will be giving live lessons to the quarterbacks in order to improve their swings while they play.

Brady was also pulling his tee shots left. Brady was told by Immelman to swing more to his right. This resulted in Brady pushing the shot further to the right.

Brady is not known for making mistakes on the football field often so it was rare that people could relate to Brady's situation on the course.

Unfortunately, the shots of the quarterbacks were reflected in the crowd. Smylie Kaufman, a pro on the PGA Tour, was looking at the crowd and noting how many times they had to duck.

Allen was there as well. Brady was there too

Mahomes won Mahomes' third hole with a birdie. This brought Brady and Rodgers back to 1 up. The trash talk began to get personal.

Brady hit his tee shot slightly short on the par-3 Fourth hole. He said it was a little chunky when he got up to pick up his tee. He took aim at Allen and said that he called it “a little Josh Allen, little chunky.”

Allen laughed, but it was his first jab that seemed more than friendly banter.

Mahomes is a troubled young man who grabs a beer

After two holes, Mahomes and Allen were tied at 2 with Allen. Rodgers won the first hole with a birdie while Brady missed an eagle putt. Brady got a gimme birdsie to win second.

Mahomes claimed he would wait to have a beer on the fourth hole, but he decided to get down to it early and grab some “swing liquor.” He didn't miss a chance to shout out Coors Light, and he showed Coors Light the aluminum silver bullet bottle while he sipped.

J.J. Watt is a broadcast commentator and asked Mahomes how many he needed to boost his confidence. Mahomes quickly replied that he shouldn't drink too much or it would have the opposite effect.

Josh Allen trolls Brady

Tom Brady asked Twitter to delete his picture of him in the 2000 NFL Draft. In it, he's seen wearing nothing but a shirt and shorts. Allen decided to make fun of Brady by giving him a golfball with the picture printed on its side. Allen stated that he would use the golf ball to play in the match.

Brady replied on the first hole, showing Allen his ball with a photo of the Lombardi trophy. Brady had won seven Super Bowls. He showed Allen the picture and asked Allen whether he'd ever seen one.

Charles Barkley is involved in the action

Amanda Renner, a TV reporter, asked Aaron Rodgers before the round if he would wager that Charles Barkley would cut Rodgers' man bun. Rodgers wanted to know if Barkley would give him money and cut Rodgers' hair if they win.

Barkley stated that although I don’t like man buns and you do a great job wearing it. “I must give you credit. Fairness be told, you are a great quarterback. It wouldn't work if you were a plumber or some other type of person. Aaron Rodgers is your example, and you can do whatever you want.

Rodgers suggested that Barkley could beat Rodgers at Tahoe's 18th green. Rodgers would then let Barkley cut off his man bun. Barkley will donate $25,000 for Rodgers' favorite charity if Rodgers wins.

The trash conversation began in earnest

Rodgers told media that Brady and he came to the NFL back when trash talk was real trash talk. Football players now are friendly and the trash talk has gone downhill.

“When we started [in the NFL]When? [Brady] It was trash talk when I started to play. Rodgers stated that guys used to trash-talk each other and had a lot good s— talk. We also knew the names of those in the league. “Now, it's more buddybuddy, you see, social media following one another, memes, this Emoji s —,, and it's not quite the same. Kermit (Mahomes as per memes) is the topic. Josh is the other. [Allen] We are trying to s —-talk Tom, an old-school couple of grizzled vets. c'mon.”

If this is the first indication of what this match will look like, we should be in for a treat.

Brady began chirping on social media early when he posted a edited photo, which was initially a shirtless Brady looking at his son hitting a golf ball. The edited version featured Allen's head on Brady’s son's.

Mahomes and Allen discussed Brady's joke-writing abilities and said that Brady has a team who takes care of his script. Allen stated that Brady will not be able come back to the event if he gets off-script.

Mahomes made fun of that joke by retweeting a Brady ad and saying he needed to talk to the creators of the joke.

Koepka also got in on the action, taking a shot against DeChambeau because why not? Koepka, DeChambeau, and their feud started in a 12 hole exhibition, where they went one-on-1 against each other.

Koepka beat DeChambeau in nine, so he tweeted his good luck and reminders to all those who were not aware that he needed nine to win.

Brady is 0-2 at the event. He will need to hope that his play can back it up against younger quarterbacks. Allen reminded Brady during the media availability that Father Time has never lost.

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