Why Allen Robinson II may mean more success to Rams, Cooper Kupp (Los Angeles Rams Blog).

THOUSAND OAKS (Calif.) Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford He was asked how wide receiver he is. Cooper Kupp They could surpass their previous success.

Stafford joked that “You can't just sit there and think, ‘Well', all you have to do is run for 2,500 yards and then throw for 7,000. That's unrealistic.”

However, Liam Coen, the offensive coordinator of the Rams, knows that one of their offseason moves could make this offense even more dangerous and help Kupp. Kupp and Kupp are both wide receivers for the Rams. Allen Robinson II Coen explained that although they have had different careers, both receivers have been utilized in a different way throughout their careers. The Rams can use various formations to move around to different spots and create favorable matchups.

“Getting Cooper [Kupp] On a nickel, get Allen [Robinson] Coen stated that they would switch the guys if they had a backer. And vice versa. It was obvious that it would be difficult to defend, and we think it will be. [Kupp] over the past few decades and having the same kind of guys as we had. However, with the diversity Allen brings to us I believe it will pose some challenges for defense.

Coen claimed that Robinson's route trees are “extremely extended from probably years back, or perhaps what we've had other receivers do.”

Coen stated, “I mean, Cooper can run a lot more routes than he can, you know — some option routes, choice routes, and things we asked Cooper to do — just because he just has an incredible ability to play beneath himself.”

Kupp's greatest season as a wide receiver was his winning the “triple crown” — 145 receptions for 1,947 yard and 16 touchdowns. He also ran 58% of his routes from the slot. Robert Woods Oder Odell Beckham Jr. Playing opposite Van Jefferson The outside. Kupp managed to make big plays from a position not well-known for their ability to stretch seams.

Last season with Chicago BearsThe slot was responsible for 37.4% (37.4%) of all routes Robinson ran. Kupp would have more freedom to operate occasionally on the outside if the Rams feel confident that Robinson can take over some of the responsibility from the inside. Jefferson will not be able to play without Woods and Beckham, at least until the start of the season. Jefferson will have to compete with another vertical threat.

Robinson can do it himself, with 102 receptions for 1,250 yards in 2020 and six touchdowns before he was injured and ill in 2021. Perhaps Coen and Sean McVay will get creative and have Robinson and Kupp share that responsibility more than they expected.

McVay stated that McVay is one of the bigger receivers who has the body control of a smaller man. McVay said, “I bet you that he is really good at pickup basketball. He can get parallel, double-up and has great body control. He is a great player.

Robinson, who signed a $36 million contract for three years with Los Angeles this offseason after joining the Bears in the spring, has spent four seasons with Los Angeles. Jacksonville Jaguars. According to the veteran receiver, he spent spring trainings moving and learning from “many different positions on the field.”

Robinson stated that OTAs are about “building chemistry and learning the nuances of everything.”

Stafford was unable to throw during the offseason because of a right elbow injury. The quarterback explained that the one advantage to not being able participate in every drill was the time he had to talk with Robinson between plays.

Stafford stated, “I have been impressed by his ability to grasp the offense and his role in it.” “His understanding, even if he might miss something, or mess up, is so sound on the reason why he did it — he heard that and thought that, which I am like, ‘That was a great thought. It's really productive growth in our offense for him.

Coen stated that Robinson's versatility was not the most important thing about Robinson this spring. He also noted the receiver's “unbelievable ability” to double up at the point-of-attack.

Coen stated, “He can really work edges on you.” “Lean on him and press away at you at the tops of the routes. Both in the release game as well as at the top of routes, he has great details.

Robinson stated that he has received a lot from Kupp and said the pair are “always talking through these different things and being very specific.” The Rams ranked seventh among the NFL's passing DVOAs in Football Outsiders last season. Kupp expressed satisfaction with Robinson's work, even though Woods was traded and Beckham has not been signed — at least not yet.

Kupp stated, “It's been so much joy to be able to work with him.” We have to take the blocks one-by-one and create that. There is so much potential to do something special together.

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