After a solid offseason, NFL bettors are now spending large amounts of money on the New York Jets

At sportsbooks, this unusual trend is very popular.

People have bet thousands of dollars on the outcome. New York Jets to win the Super Bowl. Caesars Sportsbook opened its Super Bowl odds just hours before the Jets' first big bet. The first big bet was $5,000 that the Jets would win the Super Bowl at 200-1 odds. This gave the bettor a chance to win a $1,000,000 payday. PointsBet online sportsbook placed a $1,000 bet that the Jets would win the Super Bowl at 200-1. This was from a Pennsylvania customer. DraftKings. BetMGM. WynnBET reported that they took $500 Super Bowl bets against the Jets in April. As of this week, the Jets were the biggest Super Bowl liability at Caesars, FanDuel and The Borgata in Atlantic City. The Jets are the most popular Super Bowl betting team, with more than any other. Buffalo BillsThese are the consensus favourites.

“I'm not worried about the Jets,” Tom Gable (sportsbook director at The Borgata) said to ESPN this week. Over the last decade, the team has been far short of winning the Super Bowl. The Jets' record in five seasons has been 22-59, which is the same as the one for the Super Bowl. New York Giants The Jets have the worst NFL record with a minus-8.4 percentage point differential per match, making them the worst team in the league. After failing to make the playoffs for 11 consecutive seasons, the Jets are the NFL's longest-running postseason drought. Despite their ongoing struggles, pro-Jets cash has been appearing on all kinds of betting options in recent months.

• More bets have been placed more money wagered on the Jets to win over 5.5 games at DraftKings than any on other team's win total.
• The Jets have attracted more bets to win the AFC East at PointsBet Sportsbook than the favored Bills and more money than the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots combined.
• The Jets have received more bets to make the playoffs at Caesars Sportsbook than any other team.

Mike Greenberg, ESPN personality who is a loyal Jets fan said that when he first heard about the betting interest in his favorite team, his first reaction was to say “God Bless Our Fans!” but added that he appreciates the growing optimism. “Now, do you think the Jets will win the Super Bowl? Of course not,” Greenberg said. “But, the Bengals were only three points behind and that would have appeared just as unlikely a year ago.”

Joe Douglas, Jets general manger, received high praises for the team’s offseason moves. These included signing tight end agreements. C.J. UzomahSafety Jordan WhiteheadA offensive guard Laken Tomlinson Cornerback D.J. Reed. Jets' draft class, which includes first-rounders Ahmad Gardner, Garrett Wilson Jermaine Johnson II Second-rounder Breece Hall, was also lauded.

“This is their best offseason in a very long time,” Kenny Scarabaggio (a 40-year Jets season-ticket holder) said. Scarabaggio placed $200 on the Jets winning the Super Bowl, and $2,000 on the team to win six more games this season. As part of The Jets Lounge fan community, Scarabaggio hosts a Twitter chat and isn't embarrassed to wager on the Jets.

Sportsbooks reached customers who had placed bets on the Jets to win Super Bowl. However, they were not allowed to participate in the story. Some bettors stated that they were concerned about being “mocked.” “Yeah. I have money on the Jets. Scarabaggio enthusiastically stated that he has invested money each year in the Jets' Super Bowl win. “It always returns a good amount. It will pay off one day and I'll be even.

According to ESPN's Football Power IndexThe Jets are most likely to be the next year's No. 1 overall pick.

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