Will Ferrell joins the Golden State Warriors on court ahead of a slump-busting win

SAN FRANCISCO – Will Ferrell screamed, and then he reached out to help. Klay Thompson“Self-portrait of the Face” Golden State WarriorsStar made a baseline 3-pointer.

Nice defensive closeout, no doubt.

Ferrell took to the floor with the Warriors Tuesday night and warmed up — perhaps just what Steve Kerr and his team needed before facing off against the Warriors LA ClippersWhile mired in a five game losing streak. The Warriors won. win 112-97.

Thompson was the comedy star who donned a vintage-style hairband and wore his Jackie Moon jersey from 2008 hoops movie “Semi-Pro.” This moment was special because Thompson, who dressed up as Moon three years ago for Halloween and still loves the movie, made it happen.

Ferrell made a half-court attempt on his second attempt and was passed. Stephen CurryCurry even used his foot to kick the ball to Curry, who then made a 3, to complete his pregame routine.

Ferrell said that he is under contract. “So this is my first attempt with the team. Let’s see what happens.”

It was so much fun!

He said, “Well, that’s what it is,” matter-of-factly.

That sweet shot from the half court? This is where there’s no humility.

“I make these in my sleep.”

Ferrell’s unexpected appearance was loved by the Warriors and their supporters.

Zaza Pachulia, a former Warriors big man, said that it was “amazing.” We needed that energy.”

Ferrell sat down with Bob Myers, general manager of Ferrell, and the injured star Draymond GreenBefore making your swift exit through the Chase Center tunnel, you will need to stop at midcourt

Ferrell sat down briefly after his appearance, before he took a quick baseline jumper.

“Hey!” Curry shouted in delight, “Hey!”

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