Woman gets emergency protective order for Rajon Rondo. She alleges that Rajon was her point guard at the Cleveland Cavaliers and threatened her with a gun

Monday's announcement by the NBA said that they are still looking for more information on veteran point guards Rajon RondoA woman was allegedly threatened with a gun at her home last week by an alleged attacker.

ESPN was able to obtain a copy from the Louisville, Kentucky court filing filed by the woman for an emergency protective or against Rondo. Later that day, the order was granted.

In her request for the EPO, she made these allegations.

She claimed that Rondo was playing video games with a child on Wednesday and she asked her to separate the laundry. According to the woman Rondo was furious and ripped the console from the wall. She also smashed several items in her house. This upset the boy as well as another child.

According to the woman, Rondo told her “you are dead” before leaving the home. He returned shortly afterwards with a gun and demanded to see one child. According to the woman, she became scared and brought him downstairs. Rondo allegedly pulled him outside while he was still holding the gun. Rondo demanded to see the second child and she followed him outside. The woman claimed that Rondo shouted at them both for being afraid of Rondo.

ESPN obtained EPO from ESPN and claimed that the woman called Yvette Gentry (ex-incumbent Louisville Metro Police Chief), who later arrived at the house. The woman claimed that Rondo would not allow Gentry in the house. Gentry later told her that Rondo had left the house and she now had her gun.

Friday was Friday when the woman applied for the protective order. She stated that she feared the safety of her children and that Rondo had a history of volatile, erratic (and explosive) behavior.

Rondo was ordered to remain at least 500 feet from the women and children and temporarily surrender all firearms to the Jefferson County Sheriff.

Mike Bass, the NBA's spokesman, stated to Malika Andrews that the league knew about the incident and was “in the process” of collecting more information. ESPN didn't immediately return messages left for Rondo's representatives by ESPN.

TMZ Sports reported on Monday that Rondo was not named in any criminal reports related to the alleged events “at this point.”

Rondo, who hails from Louisville and played at Kentucky collegiately, has just completed his 16th NBA Season. Rondo was a four-time All Star, and he was also a two-time NBA Champion. He played 18 games. Los Angeles LakersBefore a January trade to Cleveland Cavaliers. He averaged 6.2 and 4.9 points in 21 games for Cavs.

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