World Rugby adopts new laws to reduce injury

England play Wales in the Women's Six Nations
A new World Rugby welfare program, announced in July 2021, promised a review of the game’s laws.

Five laws that are intended to improve the welfare of players have been adopted following successful trials.

The World Rugby Council voted in favor of adding 50:22, goalline drops-out, prebound pods for players, penalising lower limb clearouts, and latching to laws.

World Rugby claimed that the move reflected an “ongoing dedication to injury prevention.”

Concentrate on the increased risk of brain injury. ex-players began legal actionAgainst the authorities in the game.

These laws will become effective on 1 July 2022. They will be in effect at the women's World Cup next October and the men’s event next year.

The council also approved that the scrum brake feet law, where hookers must keep one foot in front of the opposition when they prepare to scrum, which was tried out in the Six Nations, would be applied globally and included at World Cups.

World Rugby stated that the five laws had been tested for one year. It also said that it would continue to examine their effects on player welfare and head injuries prevention.

It also stated that there would be a renewed focus on side entry during the breakdown of July's international fixtures.

What are the new laws

  • A successful 50:22 kickA team will be allowed to put-in for the line-out if they kick in touch indirectly (ie. When kicking from their side into the opposition 22m, the ball will bounce. This law is intended to make it harder for players to fall further in the defensive line, allowing attackers to gain more space.
  • If an attacker is in the in goal area, play will restart with an attacking knock on or grounding kick by the defense side. goalline drop-out. This is done to decrease scrums, reward good defense, encourage counter-attacking, and increase the ball in play.
  • Pre-bound players' podsIt is illegal to have pods with three or more players pre-bound before the ball is received. This will be a penalty kick.
  • Clearout of lower limbs:A player who targets/drops his weight onto the lower legs of a jackler at a ruck – the person trying to steal the ball- will be punished. The sanction will be a penalty kick.
  • Latching laws to be tightened:A one-player latch is allowed. However, this player must follow the same rules as the first player to enter (i.e. Must stay on their feet, not fall to the ground and must enter through the gate. There will be a penalty.

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