World Rugby Sevens: Argentina and England were criticized over a two-minute attempt

England's Will Homer
England’s Will Homer waited below the posts until finally grounding the ball.

Argentina and England were criticised for their long delays in scoring a try to help both sides move on from their World Rugby Sevens men’s group in Toulouse.

England’s Will Homer took more than two minutes to run down the clock before being challenged by the opposition and grounding his ball.

Argentina won the match 19-7. Canada was unable to advance due to points difference.

Nigel Owens, an ex-referee, stated that it was “against spirit of the game”.

“When I was refereeing the WR 7s circuit, we would tell the player in such a situation to ground the ball. “I’m shocked the referee didn’t tell him.” added Owens.external-link

In a post on social mediaexternal-linkWorld Rugby Sevens commented on the incident: “Unique. Bizarre. Controversial.”

It stated: “Time seems still in Toulouse as England deliberately delay scoring their try that gets them through to quarter-finals. Argentina, down at six men and also passing, let them.”

Canada, England, Argentina and England were all tied with seven points at the conclusion of their Pool A games during the most recent round of the World Rugby Sevens series.

This result was controversial. Argentina won the title and England, second, advanced to the quarterfinals. England’s points difference was four higher than Canada’s, while Japan came in fourth.

England lost to Argentina in the eighteenth round.

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