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SANTA CLARA CA — The soft deadline San Francisco 49ersTrade disgruntled receiver Deebo SamuelSamuel remains a member the team from which the NFL draft was held. requested a trade. However, Samuel and Niners still have a lot of work to do if they want to fix everything.

Coach Kyle Shanahan stated that “there are certain things people have to go through.” “There are certain things everyone is trying and trying to get, and you just see what you have and work from there. Anything is possible. We'll be able to get the best for Deebo and the Niners when it's all over. But we are aware of what's ahead.

Samuel is not being traded by the 49ers, according to them. John Lynch, the general manager of the 49ers, stated that he could not imagine a scenario where he would be willing to trade his star offensive weapon. Shanahan echoed that sentiment on Friday. Shanahan stated that Samuel was being checked by other teams, though neither Shanahan nor Samuel denied it. nobody was “remotely close” to swaying San Francisco into a deal.

However, just because Samuel isn't interested in being dealt by the Niners doesn't mean that his stance has changed. The Niners have to figure out how they can make Samuel happy. That's why Shanahan & Lynch spoke with more caution than optimism about Samuel's future as a member of the team.

Samuel has not yet spoken out about his grievances with the Niners and Lynch and Shanahan declined to go into details other than to say that Lynch has spoken to Samuel recently. Shanahan hasn't.

Shanahan explained that there are many things that go into it and that they'll discuss with Deebo. “And I'd like to share it all so people can get more understanding, but that's really wrong to Deebo and to the 49ers. We can work this out, and hopefully it will clear up someday for you guys.

Samuel's contract extension is likely to be a key component. Samuel will be entering the final year on his rookie contract, which is worth $5 million less than the 2022 salary cap.

These things always return to money. Even if Samuel wasn't happy splitting his time between running back/receiver last season it's reasonable that Niners (or any other team) would want Samuel to continue to be a valuable player in the way that made him All-Pro in 2021.

The problem with a future contract is that there aren't many players like Samuel to compare to. Percy Harvin, who, like Samuel, had the greatest season of his career in 2011, is probably the closest. After his fourth season, Harvin was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Harvin received his big second contract. Seattle SeahawksHe did, but not to the same extent. He only played in 10 games the second season after his breakout third-year and never received another significant contract until he retired in 2017.

Samuel would probably want some type of this considering all that. “wide back”Because of the extra toll it takes on his body, tax. Samuel averaged nearly eight offensive touches per game last season, which is the most among NFL receivers. That number was closer to 5.5 during his first two NFL seasons, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

This is true in both directions. Samuel may have the best chance to cash-in if he keeps his current job. The 49ers may look at the hits Samuel takes and think they are in salary-cap trouble.

The question is: How could a deal look? On the draft's initial night, the Tennessee TitansTraded receiver A.J. BrownThe Philadelphia Eagles. Brown was signed by the Eagles immediately, according to reports. Samuel has the same agent. four-year, $100 million dealGuaranteed $57 million This deal could be a starting point for Samuel and the Niners, but Samuel's added value as a runner would likely mean he would command higher prices, especially in terms guaranteed money.

Lynch stated, “I believe all these situations are unique.” Lynch said, “You are obviously aware of the situation around the league but you were focused on our own situation. … We believe we can get through this and we'll all be happy. This is what encourages us.

It could be heading for a summer stare down. Samuel has not yet reported for the offseason training program. However, those are optional. The June 7-9 minicamp will be the next team activity, but after that nothing until training camp opens late July. Samuel could still hold out, even if no deal is made by then. He could, but failing to report on time for camp, he will lose an accrued year that would make him a restricted agent instead of an unrestricted one. That would lead to daily fines.

The Niners have plenty of time to get things done. They are hopeful that time will heal all wounds, and that colder heads and hard cash will prevail as a way to reach a mutually acceptable outcome.

Shanahan advised that you should not overreact and be patient. People can feel hurt, especially when they are close to you. You have to be careful not to react to that. You have to ensure that you do the right thing for the organization and secondly, that you work for a win-win situation for both of you.

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