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New England PatriotsOn Saturday, coach Bill Belichick turns 70. That's the moment when he thought he'd be saying goodbye to coaching.

Belichick famously stated in the NFL Films-produced film “A Football Life”, more than a decade back, “I don’t want to become like Marv Levy or coaching when I’m 70.”

He has gradually softened his stance since then.

Belichick said in a 2019 radio interview, “When I said that, maybe it was because I didn't understand what 70 felt.”

Belichick is about to reach the number. He's all-in.

He hustled into the NFL's annual meeting late last month and was often seen walking barefoot along the shore as the waves crashed in. It's a great life and he doesn't want to leave it.

Belichick stated, wearing a colorful button-down shirt and shorts with sandals that she enjoys “doing it.” It's a complex job. It's a lot. But it's great fun. It's much more fun than working.

This will mark Belichick's 47th season in the NFL as a coach and 23rd as Patriots Head Coach. His 47 consecutive years as an NFL head coach surpass the 45 of Dick LeBeau. Tom Moore (41) was the only NFL coach with more than 40 consecutive NFL coaching seasons.

Belichick has been with the Patriots since 2000. He is now 254-990-0 in the regular season, and 30-12 in postseason. His record of 97-38% against AFC East (including playoffs), reflects his dominance of the divisions for the majority his tenure.

He is also the longest-tenured head coach for the same team. Mike Tomlin, hired in by the Pittsburgh SteelersSeven years after Belichick arrived in New England, this is the next stop on the list.

Belichick, along with George Halas and Levy, will be the fifth NFL head coaching in his 70s. You can see the longevity of his tenure by considering that 31 other teams have hired 213 head coaches, including interim and ’22 hires, since he was first hired in New England. Over that time, 28 of these coaches have been employed by AFC East rivals.

Belichick said that he would continue coaching well into his 70s because his father Steve used the phrase “Age is just another number.”

321 is the number that Belichick considers more important. He has 321 victories, which includes his regular season and postseason stints as Cleveland's Coach from 1991 to 1995. This puts him just ahead of Halas (324), who is currently in second place on the all time list of coaches.

Belichick would be looking up to Don Shula (347), once he gets there.

What teams contributed to Belichick's lofty position? Which have been the biggest problems for Belichick?

NFL Nation reporters bring these numbers to life.

This is a look at the performance of 31 other franchises against Belichick's New England tenure. The order in which teams are ranked is based on the number of head coaches they have had over the same period. Interim coaches are marked with an asterisk

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Pittsburgh Steelers

Two head coachesBill Cowher (2000 to 2006), Mike Tomlin(2007-present)

Record:226-124-3 in the regular season, 15-12 in the postseason

4-12 (including 0-3 postseason) vs. Belichick:Belichick was a big success in his first game against Steelers and led the Patriots to a 24-17 win in the AFC title match of 2001. Drew Bledsoe was named the new Quarterback after an injury. Tom BradyAfter Brady had defeated the incumbent starter in game two of the season, Brady won the first half. Belichick has been a constant threat to the Steelers' greatest stages. He also coached both the Patriots and Steelers to AFC Championship Game wins during the 2004-2016 seasons. — Brooke Pryor



Marcus Spears believes John Harbaugh’s extension with Ravens will benefit Lamar Jackson's chances of staying in Baltimore.

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Baltimore Ravens

Two head coachesBrian Billick (2000-07), John Harbaugh (2008)

Record:209-144 Regular Season, 16-11 Postseason

4-9 (2-2) vs. Belichick:Belichick used a controversial substitute trick to win a playoff game against the Ravens in 2014. To keep Baltimore's defense balanced, he only lined up four offensive linemen and declared an otherwise eligible receiver ineligible. John Harbaugh, Ravens coach, stated that it was “clearly fraudulent” and it was later made illegal by NFL. — Jamison Hensley

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Seattle Seahawks

Three head coachesMike Holmgren (2000-08), Jim Mora Jr. (2009), Pete Carroll (2010-present).

Record:201-151-1 postseason, 14-13 regular season

3-3 (0-1) vs. Belichick:This record also includes New England's victory over Seattle in Super Bowl XLIX. The Seahawks won both the 2016 and 20th meetings thanks to goal-line stands. However, no amount of regular season success against the Patriots will erase the pain that Malcolm Butler stole the second consecutive Lombardi Trophy out of Seattle's hands with his interception. Russell WilsonAt the 1-yard line. Although Butler had not been able to stop another pick concept in practice prior to the Super Bowl, Belichick and his defense staff had the undrafted rookie prepared for the Super Bowl when Seattle ran it with the game at the line. — Brady Henderson



Stephen A. Smith slams Matt LaFleur's coaching skills and says Aaron Rodgers are the reason he is still coaching the Packers.

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Green Bay Packers

Four head coaches Mike Sherman (2000-05), Mike McCarthy (2006-18), Joe Philbin* (2018), Matt LaFleur (2019-present)

Record:223-128-2 postseason, 14-15 regular season

2-3 vs. Belichick:The Packers most regret is not one of the five meetings. It's not the five meetings that the Packers regret most. didn'tSuper Bowl. At the end of 2014, the Packers were just seconds away from facing the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. But they lost to Seattle in the NFC Championship Game. Two of their Super Bowl defeats to the Patriots can be attributed to the Packers. They lost both of their Super Bowl defeats to the Packers. New York GiantsThis was after the Packers were knocked out of the playoffs by the Giants — in the 2007 NFC championship game and the 2011 NFC Divisional playoffs. Rob Demovsky

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Cincinnati Bengals

Four head coaches Bruce Coslet (2000), Dick LeBeau* (2000-02), Marvin Lewis (2003-18), Zac Taylor (2019-present)

Record:159-190-4 Regular Season, 3-8 Postseason

2-8 vs. Belichick:The most notorious moment occurred off the field, but in the press box. One New England staffer illegally recorded the Bengals' game against Cleveland in 2019 before they played the Patriots. New England was fined $1.1million, and it had to forfeit its 2020 draft pick. — Ben Baby

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Indianapolis Colts

Five head coaches Jim Mora Sr. (2000-01), Tony Dungy (2002-08), Jim Caldwell (2009-11), Chuck Pagano (2012-17), Frank Reich (2018-present)

Record:217-136 Regular Season, 13-14 Postseason

7-16 (1-4) vs. Belichick:It was always a game of chess between Peyton Manning’s defense and Belichick’s. Manning and the Colts won their only playoff win over the Patriots in 2006 when Marlin Jackson's intercept of Brady put Indianapolis into the Super Bowl. The infamous Deflategate is also a relic of the Colts' former general manager Ryan Grigson's accusation that the Patriots inflated game balls to aid Brady during 2014. Mike Wells

Your team vs. The Hoodie

New Orleans Saints

Five head coaches Jim Haslett (2000-05), Sean Payton (2006-11; 2013-21), Joe Vitt* (2012), Aaron Kromer* (2012), Dennis Allen (2022)

Record:204-149 regular and 10-9 postseason

2-4 vs. Belichick:Drew Brees had a perfect passer rating, which resulted in one of their greatest victories against Belichick during Monday Night Football's 2009 Super Bowl season. Saints coach Sean Payton dressed up as Belichick that week and imitated his voice to motivate his players. Payton has always been a fan of the Patriots and held many joint practices. Mike Triplett

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Philadelphia Eagles

Five head coaches Andy Reid (2000-12), Chip Kelly (2013-15) Pat Shurmur* (2015), Doug Pederson (2016-2020), Nick Sirianni (2021-present)

Record:203-148-2 in the regular season, and 14-13 in the postseason

2-5 (1-1) vs. Belichick:Belichick and Brady were both out of the picture in the greatest moment in franchise history, as the Eagles defeated the Patriots in Super Bowl LII 41-33. The Patriots mysteriously benched their starting cornerback Malcolm ButlerThis game was costly. Belichick has had his fair share of success against Philly. With a win of 24-21 over the Eagles, he earned his third championship ring in Super Bowl XXXIX. Tim McManus

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Dallas Cowboys

Five head coaches Dave Campo (2000-02), Bill Parcells (2003-06), Wade Phillips (2007-10), Jason Garrett* (2010-19), Mike McCarthy (2020-present)

Record:186-167 regular and 3-8 postseason

1-5 vs. Belichick:The Cowboys were unable to score more than one touchdown against New England before last year's overtime win against them 33-27. This was after only one of their five previous meetings (2007). That win was, perhaps, the most significant of the 2021 season. Dak PrescottOn the winning TD throw, I suffered a calf strain. CeeDee LambThe offense did not perform as well the remainder of the season. — Todd Archer

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Tennessee Titans

Five head coaches Jeff Fisher (2000-10), Mike Munchak (2011-13), Ken Whisenhunt (2014-15), Mike Mularkey* (2015-17), Mike Vrabel (2018-present)

Record:183-170 Regular Season, 5-9 Postseason

3-8 (1-2) vs. Belichick:Belichick has been a constant opponent for the Titans in the past. The Titans' worst defeat was in New England, which they lost 59 to 0. The Titans are now 2-1 since Vrabel became Tennessee's coach in 2018. The 2019 season saw a road win against the Patriots. This was Brady's last game as a Patriot. Vrabel employed a Belichick technique against his former coach. The Titans had inadvertently taken a delay of the game penalty and a false start to cut extra time late in the fourth quarter. Turron Davenport

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Carolina Panthers

Five head coaches George Seifert (2000-01), John Fox (2002-10), Ron Rivera (2011-19), Perry Fewell* (2019), Matt Rhule (2020-present)

Record:167-185-1 Regular Season, 8-7 Postseason

3-4 (0-1) vs. Belichick:After the 2003 season, the 32-29 loss in the Super Bowl was the most significant. New England's Brady scored a field goal in the final seconds after Carolina's kicker John Kasay kicked out of bounds. Carolina had some success with Belichick. Cam Newton at quarterback. He was 2-0 in 2013, and he won in '17. — David Newton

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Kansas City Chiefs

Six head coaches Gunther Cunningham (2000), Dick Vermeil (2001-05), Herm Edwards (2006-08), Todd Haley (2009-11), Romeo Crennel* (2011-12), Andy Reid (2013-present)

Record:192-161 regular season, 9-10 afterseason

5-8 (0-2) vs. Belichick:The Chiefs are currently on a 2-game winning streak against Belichick & the Patriots. However, New England has wins both in playoff meetings. In the AFC Championship Game, the Patriots defeated the Chiefs by 37 to 31 overtime. The extra period was the only time the Chiefs had any chance of winning the game. — Adam Teicher

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Minnesota Vikings

Six head coaches Dennis Green (2000-01), Mike Tice* (2001-05), Brad Childress (2006-10), Leslie Frazier* (2010-13), Mike Zimmer (2014-21), Kevin O'Connell (2022)

Record:180-171-2 for the regular season and 5-8 for the postseason

1-5 vs. Belichick:Belichick was the Patriots' 2000 season's 0-4 record. The Vikings' win over him came in his third game. The Vikings lost five of their next five matches against him, including one at Gillette Stadium in 2010. This game so upset receiver Randy Moss that he refused to travel with the team home and was quickly released. — Kevin Seifert

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Los Angeles Chargers

Six head coachesMike Riley (2000-01), Marty Schottenheimer (1902-06), Norv Turn (2007-12), Mike McCoy (2013)-16, Anthony Lynn (2017-20), Brandon Staley (2021–present)

Record:178-175 Regular Season, 5-7 Postseason

3-11 (0-3) vs. Belichick:The Patriots hold a seven-game winning streak against Chargers dating back to their time in San Diego. Belichick has won in all three playoff games. Since 2008, the Chargers have not defeated Belichick. Five of the seven recent games were decided by a minimum of eight points. — Adam Teicher

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Chicago Bears

Six head coachesDick Jauron (2000–03), Lovie Smith (2004)-12, Marc Trestman (2013)-14, John Fox (2015)-17. Matt Nagy (2018)-21. Matt Eberflus (2022).

Record:171-182 Regular Season, 3-6 Postseason

1-5 vs. Belichick: Since 2018, the Bears has not faced Belichick, and they have lost five straight games to the Patriots since 2002. The 2002 season was played at the University of Illinois. Soldier Field was still under renovation. This allowed for one of the greatest comebacks of Belichick's era, during the Week 10 meeting. Brady and the Patriots scored 27 points in the second half to beat Chicago 33-30. It was a game that saw only two review plays and no timeouts for Chicago on New England's final possession to win. Courtney Cronin

Your team vs. The Hoodie

New York Giants

Seven head coaches: Jim Fassel (2000-03), Tom Coughlin (2004-15), Ben McAdoo (2016-17), Steve Spagnuolo* (2017), Pat Shurmur (2018-19), Joe Judge (2020-21), Brian Daboll (2022)

Regular season 168-185; Postseason: 10-6

3-4 (2-0) vs. Belichick:Despite having a losing record against Belichick's Giants, they still have the Super Bowl XLII-XLVI wins. You can't ignore the rest. Coughlin and Eli Manning, along with others, ruined the Patriots' undefeated first season. Brady still finds it frustrating to this day. Coughlin is, however, one of few coaches with a record of 3-2 against Belichick. — Jordan Raanan

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Arizona Cardinals

Seven head coaches: Vince Tobin (2000), Dave McGinnis* (2000-03), Dennis Green (2004-06), Ken Whisenhunt (2007-12), Bruce Arians (2013-17), Steve Wilks (2018), Kliff Kingsbury (2019-present)

Record:156-195-2 postseason, 5-5 regular season

1-4 vs. Belichick:Belichick's only win was on the road in 2012. New England kicker, however, was the highlight. Stephen GostkowskiArizona's final win of 20-18 was marred by a missed field goal. — Josh Weinfuss

Your team vs. The Hoodie

New York Jets

Seven head coaches: Al Groh (2000), Herm Edwards (2001-05), Eric Mangini (2006-08), Rex Ryan (2009-14), Todd Bowles (2015-18), Adam Gase (2019-20), Robert Saleh (2021-present)

Record:154-199 regular season, 6-6 afterseason

11-35 (1-1) vs. Belichick:Belichick is a key figure in the history of the Jets. He famously quit the team on January 20, 2000, the day he was to succeed Bill Parcells, as the “HC” of the NYJ. Belichick has tortured both the Jets' and their fans since that time. Their 12-game losing streak is actually active, with an embarrassingly large margin of defeat of 20. The “Butt Fumble”, a 2012 joker, preceded the current skid. New York's spectacular upset in the divisional playoffs 2010 was the highlight. Perhaps the Jets can find solace in knowing that Belichick was in serious trouble in 2007, when he blew the whistle on SpyGate, his illegal videotaping practices. — Rich Cimini

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Houston Texans

Seven head coaches: Dom Capers (2002-05), Gary Kubiak (2006-13), Wade Phillips* (2013), Bill O'Brien (2014-20), Romeo Crennel* (2020), David Culley (2021), Lovie Smith (2022)

Record:139-182 regular and 4-6 postseason

3-11 (0-2) vs. Belichick:Belichick has been the opposing player in every game the Texans have faced against the Patriots throughout their history as a franchise. Five of those losses occurred consecutively under Bill O'Brien's Texans reign. In 2019, Belichick was finally defeated by the former Patriots assistant. — Sarah Barshop

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Denver Broncos

Eight head coaches: Mike Shanahan (2000-08), Josh McDaniels (2009-10), Eric Studesville* (2010), John Fox (2011-14), Gary Kubiak (2015-16), Vance Joseph (2017-18), Vic Fangio (2019-21), Nathan Hackett (2022)

Record:194-159 in the regular season, 7-8 in the postseason

10-10 (3-1) vs. Belichick:The Broncos have done better than others, especially under Shanahan (5-3 against Belichick), and Denver's 3-1 postseason record versus the Patriots includes two wins at AFC Championship Games. To close out 2015, the highlight of the season would be Brady-Peyton Manning's final AFC Championship Game matchup. The Broncos' defense beat Brady with four tackles and 20 quarterback hits, leading to a 20-18 victory that was only achieved by cornerback. Bradley RobyBrady was intercepted by Brady during a 2-point conversion attempt that lasted 11 seconds. — Jeff Legwold

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Los Angeles Rams

Eight head coaches: Mike Martz (2000-05), Joe Vitt* (2005), Scott Linehan (2006-08), Jim Haslett* (2008), Steve Spagnuolo (2009-11), Jeff Fisher (2012-16), John Fassel* (2016), Sean McVay (2017-present)

Record:166-186-1 Regular Season, 10-7 Postseason

2-6 (0-2) vs. Belichick:Each of these six losses is not the same. Belichick and Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the Rams twice, with Belichick winning his first Lombardi Trophy in 2001. It was the most memorable matchup because it came down to a final-second field goal, and that resulted in Belichick's first Lombardi Trophy. — Nick Wagoner

Your team vs. The Hoodie

San Francisco 49ers

Eight head coaches: Steve Mariucci (2000-02), Dennis Erickson (2003-04), Mike Nolan (2005-08), Mike Singletary* (2008-10), Jim Tomsula* (2010; 2015), Jim Harbaugh (2011-14), Chip Kelly (2016), Kyle Shanahan (2017-present)

Record:164-188-1 Regular Season, 10-7 Postseason

2-3 vs. Belichick:The NFL scheduling system means that the 49ers have not seen Belichick much during his New England tenure. However, the meeting between the teams on December 16, 2012 is one of the most memorable in Niners' history. After a thrilling 41-34 win, San Francisco led by 31-3 before the Patriots rallied to tie it at 31. Colin Kaepernick's 38 yard touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree gave San Francisco the lead, dropping the Patriots down to 10-4. — Nick Wagoner



Marcus Spears talks about how Tom Brady's Return has made the Buccaneers NFC South favorites.

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Eight head coaches:Tony Dungy (2000-01), Jon Gruden(2002-08), Raheem Moor (2009-11), Greg Schiano (12-13), Lovie Smith (12014-15), Dirk Koetter (16-18), Bruce Arians (2201-21), Todd Bowles (2022).

Record:162-191 Regular Season, 8-5 Postseason

2-4 vs. Belichick:Belichick's first win over the Bucs was a 21-16 victory against Belichick in Week 1, 2000. This was Belichick’s first game as Patriots head coach. Drew Bledsoe was dismissed six times by Warren Sapp and Marcus Jones. Shelton Quarles and Steve White also sacked him, tied for third most in the Belichick era. Mike Alstott ran for two touchdowns. The Patriots kicked in the winning kick. Nick FolkAn unsuccessful 56-yard field goal attempt. — Jenna Laine

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Atlanta Falcons

Nine head coaches Dan Reeves (2000-03), Wade Phillips* (2003), Jim Mora Jr. (2004-06), Bobby Petrino (2007), Emmitt Thomas* (2007), Mike Smith (2008-14), Dan Quinn (2015-20), Raheem Morris* (2020), Arthur Smith (2021-present)

Record:175-177-1 Regular Season, 6-8 Postseason

0-7 (0-1) vs. Belichick:Atlanta is not a good place to see Belichick. Although everyone is familiar with the story of Super Bowl LI and 28-3, the Falcons lost four times to Belichick in New England. Belichick's presence in the AFC is something that should be commended by the Falcons. Without him, it could have been worse. — Michael Rothstein

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Jacksonville Jaguars

Nine head coaches Tom Coughlin (2000-02), Jack Del Rio (2003-11), Mel Tucker* (2011), Mike Mularkey (2012), Gus Bradley (13-16), Doug Marrone* (2016-20), Urban Meyer (2021), Darrell Bevell* (2021), Doug Pederson (2022)

Record:131-222 Regular Season, 3-3 Postseason

1-9 (0-3) vs. Belichick:Belichick lost only one game to the Jaguars in Week 2, 2018, when they won 31-20 at home. It was only a minor payback for the AFC title match loss eight months ago. The Jaguars led by 10 points in the fourth quarter. Brady led the Patriots to two TD drives, which were capped with passes. Danny Amendola. Jacksonville's game will be forever remembered as the “Myles Jack Wasn't Down” game. Jack, a linebacker had stripped running back Dion LewisThe play was supposed to end with a touchdown. However, officials declared the play invalid. They incorrectly ruled Jack had recovered the fumble, but was not down. That would have given Jaguars a 17-point lead at the end of the fourth quarter. It could have been enough to send them to their first Super Bowl. — Michael DiRocco

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Buffalo Bills

10 Head Coaches: Wade Phillips (2000), Gregg Williams (2001-03), Mike Mularkey (2004-05), Dick Jauron (2006-09), Perry Fewell* (2009), Chan Gailey (2010-12), Doug Marrone (2013-14), Rex Ryan (2015-16), Anthony Lynn* (2016), Sean McDermott (2017-present)

Record:161-192 Regular Season, 3-4 Postseason

9-36 (1-0) vs. Belichick:Although things have been in Bills' favor, for nearly all of Belichicks tenure, New England has dominated these meetings. Over that period, there have been many memorable games, including this year's 14-10 win at Orchard Park, New York. Later, the Bills won the first playoff meeting since 1963. — Alaina Getzenberg

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Washington Commanders

10 Head Coaches: Norv Turner (2000), Terry Robiskie* (2000), Marty Schottenheimer (2001), Steve Spurrier (2002-03), Joe Gibbs (2004-07), Jim Zorn (2008-09), Mike Shanahan (2010-13), Jay Gruden (2014-19), Bill Callahan* (2019), Ron Rivera (2020-present)

Record:146-206-1 in the regular season, 1-5 in the postseason

1-4 vs. Belichick:Was Steve Spurrier the last Washington coach to win against Belichick? Steve Spurrier won a win over Brady in 2003 with quarterback Patrick Ramsey. Three interceptions and two touchdown passes were thrown by the Patriots' quarterback that day. Brady completed 11 touchdown passes in the four New England wins that followed. He also threw three interceptions and two touchdown passes. In those meetings, Belichick had to face five different Washington quarterbacks and four different Washington coaches. — John Keim

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Miami Dolphins

11 Head coaches 11 — Dave Wannstedt (2000-04), Jim Bates* (2004), Nick Saban (2005-06), Cam Cameron (2007), Tony Sparano (2008-11), Todd Bowles* (2011), Joe Philbin (2012-15), Dan Campbell* (2015), Adam Gase (2016-18), Brian Flores (2019-21), Mike McDaniel (2022)

Record:168-185 in the regular season, 1-4 in the postseason

18-26 vs. Belichick:Flores stood out in his three seasons against Belichick, with a record of 4-2 over him and being the only Belichick disciple to have a winning record. The Dolphins had their moments against Belichick, including a victory against Brady in his final regular-season game as a Patriot (2019), and the exciting Wildcat debut (2008). — Marcel Louis-Jacques

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Detroit Lions

11 Head coaches Bobby Ross (2000), Gary Moeller* (2000), Marty Mornhinweg (2001-02), Steve Mariucci (2003-05), Dick Jauron* (2005), Rod Marinelli (2006-08), Jim Schwartz (2009-13), Jim Caldwell (2014-17), Matt Patricia (2017-20), Darrell Bevell* (2020), Dan Campbell (2021-present)

Record:122-229-2 for the regular season, 0-3 for the postseason

2-4 vs. Belichick:With only two wins in his tenure, Detroit has not had much success against Belichick's Patriots. Under the guidance of Matt Patricia, a mentor to Belichick, Detroit beat New England 26-10 at home in their last matchup on Sept. 23, 2018. Eric Woodyard

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Las Vegas Raiders

12 Head coaches Jon Gruden (2000-01; 2018-21), Bill Callahan (2002-03), Norv Turner (2004-05), Art Shell (2006), Lane Kiffin (2007-08), Tom Cable* (2008-10), Hue Jackson (2011), Dennis Allen (2012-14), Tony Sparano* (2014), Jack Del Rio (2015-17), Rich Bisaccia* (2021), Josh McDaniels (2022)

Record:143-210 Regular Season, 4-5 Postseason

1-7 (0-1) vs. Belichick:On a cold New England night, the futility started in the divisional round 2001 playoffs. Yes, the Tuck Rule Game. It was the catalyst for a New England dynasty and the Raiders' demise. McDaniels, at least, was pilfered by Las Vegas. McDaniels even admitted Brady's fumble — that must count. — Paul Gutierrez

Your team vs. The Hoodie

Cleveland Browns

12 head coaches Chris Palmer (2000), Butch Davis (2001-04), Terry Robiskie* (2004), Romeo Crennel (2005-08), Eric Mangini (2009-10), Pat Shurmur (2011-12), Rob Chudzinski (2013), Mike Pettine (2014-15), Hue Jackson (2016-18), Gregg Williams* (2018), Freddie Kitchens (2019), Kevin Stefanski (2020-present)

Record:118-234-1 for the regular season and 1-2 for the postseason

2-8 vs. Belichick:The Browns have had a difficult time against their former coach, who was Cleveland before the team moved to Baltimore. The Browns won 19-11 against New England their 2000 first matchup. They have lost 45-7 to New England since then. Jake Trotter

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