Kyrie Irving speaks out about his future, Ben Simmons advice, and refusing a big payday

It’s a good time to be positive right now Kyrie Irving‘s world. He stands in the Brooklyn NetsFollowing Wednesday night’s preseason victory against the, the locker rooms Milwaukee BucksIrving lights up a sage on the side and talks about his team’s positive direction after a controversial and turbulent summer. Irving stated to ESPN, “I’ll tell … Read more

Kyrie Irving: Brooklyn Nets are looking to change the narrative

NEW YORK — The Brooklyn Nets They embark on the 2022-23 campaign in the hope of changing the narrative and putting the emphasis back on their team, rather than making headlines. “We want all the negative comments made about our team over the past few years regarding our weaknesses to be erased.” Kyrie Irving Saturday. … Read more

What will Kyrie and KD do after such a drama-filled offseason. Here are the top questions regarding the Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets The NBA offseason had a longer life span. Every move made by the NBA was scrutinized. Every whisper, every tweet was analyzed as the league watched the chaos unfold over the course of the summer. Kevin DurantThe trade request by Corey on June 30 was made by Steve Nash, the general manager … Read more

Kyrie Irving of Brooklyn Nets says “anything is possible” for Ben Simmons.

NEW YORK — Brooklyn Nets Guard Kyrie Irving For a new teammate, is confident that “anything’s Possible”. Ben Simmons The talented swingman now has “peace around” him in his basketball life. Like coach Steve Nash and Irving, Simmons is confident that he will fit quickly into the team’s framework. Irving stated, “That level in talent, … Read more

We granted a 4-year extension of unvaccinated status for $100M plus

NEW YORK — Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving Because he didn’t get the COVID-19 shot, he refused a four year extension. Irving stated that he had given up on being unvaccinated for four years and 100 million, and that he was happy with the decision. He spoke during Monday’s Nets media conference.[Get this] Contract, get … Read more

Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant The Brooklyn Nets It is being reversed. In a statement released TuesdaySean Marks, Nets general manager, announced that Durant, a past MVP and two time NBA champion, will continue to be with the team after initially requesting a trade for him on June 30. (Durant’s four year, $198 million extension begins this season. … Read more

NBA 5-on-5: The Mysteries Behind Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Donovan Mitchell, as well as other offseason questions

Blockbuster trades, max contracts extensions, and under-the radar signings have all been part of the NBA offseason. Many marquee players are still to be signed. The Utah Jazz Traded two-time defensive player the year Rudy Gobert The Minnesota Timberwolves A bevy of picks, players and other items were traded in this most talked-about move of … Read more

Drew League is lit up by LeBron James 42-point show; Kyrie Irwin no-shows

LOS ANGELES — LeBron James In a successful return of the Drew League, 42 points were scored by this team. DeMar DeRozan For a win of 104 to 102 in L.A.’s renowned pro-am basketball league on Saturday. ESPN spoke with Dino Smiley, longtime commissioner of Drew League, about his expectations. Brooklyn Nets Guard Kyrie Irving … Read more

Drew League pro-am Kyrie and LeBron James were expected to participate

LOS ANGELES — Kyrie Irving He is expected to play in Los Angeles’ famed Drew League on Saturday. This was confirmed by Dino Smiley (commissioner of the pro-am basketball league), to ESPN. But he will not be playing at the same time as LeBron JamesAccording to Smiley, it is. Smiley stated that Irving will play … Read more

Join the list of superteams that have never won a championship with Nets

One rule applies when you are trying to put together a championship contender: get the best talent possible. Your opponents will have the best rosters, so it makes sense to pack your own team with stars. Sometimes the stars align, and you can stack your roster with multiple Hall of Famers, guaranteeing you a title. … Read more