Chrono Cross Remaster Revealed with a Release Date

Nintendo has shown the first look at the Chronocross remaster at today’s Nintendo Direct. Chronocross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is available for Nintendo Switch on April 7, 2022.

Radical Dreamers Edition features updates such as the ability to turn off encounters, and an improved soundtrack. This edition includes the Radical Dreamers text adventures, which were previously only available to Satellaview.

Rumours about a Chrono cross remaster have been swirling since a while now. There were reports of a “big remake announcement” for Christmas this year and then more reports that it was actually a Chronocross remaster. Mobile JRPG Another Eden, which had a trailer set to Time Scar as its trailer, announced a Chrono cross collaboration. This got us all even more excited.

IGN loved Chronocross when it was released back in 2000. But it has received mixed reception because it isn't a sequel to Chronotrigger, but instead is a strange alternate universe spinoff. The news of a remaster is great news, however, since aside from having an original disc and accessing PlayStation Classics, there hasn’t been a legitimate way to play Chronocross since its inception.

Chronocross: Radical Dreamers Edition Photos

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