Concurrent Players Name Lost Ark the Second Most Popular Steam Game

Concurrent Players Name Lost Ark the Second Most Popular Steam Game

Lost Ark, which was launched on February 11, is now the second most popular game in Steam. It has been played by more than 1,325,305 concurrent players.

SteamDB has revealed that Lost Ark has surpassed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s all-time peak at 1,308,963 players to claim the #2 spot. These all-time peaks are usually held around a new game's release so it could be difficult for Lost Ark to surpass PUBG’s record of 3,257.248 players at once. This feat is impressive for an MMO developed by Smilegate, Tripod Studio, and published by Amazon Game Studios.

This shouldn't surprise you as Lost Ark was already a top-rated game on Steam before it was made free to play.

There were server problems as many players tried to play Lost Ark simultaneously, just like other MMOs. Smilegate offered extra Founders Pack items as a way to ease server stress and encourage players to switch to more peaceful servers.

In our Lost Ark review in progress, we said, “Lost Ark takes a genuinely impressive stab at the isometric action RPG genre, and its integration into a perpetually online world hasn’t seemed too invasive from what I’ve seen so far. It’s expansive and deep, capable of scratching the itch for a new Diablo-like action RPG that is potentially filled with other players to meet and team up with. The excellent and flexible combat system channels the best of its ARPG forebears, but it can start to wear out after you’ve slaughtered your way through enough lower-tier enemies.”

Lost Ark was released for the first time in South Korea in 2019, and then later in Japan, Russia and Japan. Now, North American and European players have access to Lost Ark's action. It includes 15 playable characters and co-op PvE combat.

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