Cyberpunk 2077: Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Shares Their Favorite Changes in Patch 1.5

Cyberpunk 2077 finally received its next-generation upgrades in a surprise release this morning. Also, all versions have a huge 1.5 patch. Many of the new features in the patch are being discovered by Cyberpunk enthusiasts.

The ability to alter the appearance of the protagonist after the game's prologue is one of the most popular updates. This can be done via the mirror located in their apartment. You can't change everything — cyberware and tattoos are off the table, for instance — but there seem to be new hair colors and other small adjustments added to the creator. You can also change the appearance of your apartment by moving to a new location or to an apartment with a different floorplan and view.

Panam, Kerry, River and Judy are all delighted to announce extended romances, as well as more interactions in their homes. Many players are excited about the announcement and want to restart the game to continue their romance with the same characters as they did in the beginning. Judy is a great example.

A lot of community members shared footage of police chases. This seems to have been added to a game that can be found in natural explorations of the city.

Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Photo Mode Gallery

A lot of small touches are also being celebrated, like the ability to reject calls. This feature was added because phone calls could be annoying and interrupt other game activities, such as story-relevant conversations and quaint exploration. It is possible to skip the braindance tutorial which was often tedious and lengthy. Even smaller details are also being praised, like the addition of water effects.

The update seems to have addressed a lot of issues that players had been complaining about since launch. Overall, players seem happy with it. At the moment, it seems like the update will bring new life to Cyberpunk's community as more players play the game on Xbox Series and PS5.

Cyberpunk 1.5 Update is now available. However, some PS5 players may not be able to download the update at this time due to a region problem. You can also take a look at the next-gen gameplay on PS5 and Xbox Series X or download a five-hour free trial to give it a try.

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