Elden Ring Speedrun World Record Seemingly Broken Twice in One Day

The Elden Ring world speedrun record was apparently broken twice in one day. Both times were under one hour.

YouTube user LilAggy posted his speedrun yesterday. He rolled credits in 59 minutes 38 seconds. It appeared at the time to be a world record. He stated that “that could not be closer” at the time.

This record was broken in just a few hours. YouTube user Distortion2 posted his own speedrun that beat the previous record by ten mins, rolling credits at 49:29 and 29 seconds. It is even more impressive that Distortion2 claimed it was his first time speedrunning the game. He also claims that the Any% category (essentially, reaching completion by any means) took him less than 40 minutes.

FromSoftware games are a favourite of speedrunning fans since Demon's Souls for PS3. Players have spent years perfecting their strategies and finding shortcuts.

Bloodborne's world record for Bloodborne is 21 minutes and 15 second, and the original Dark Souls took 21 minutes and 17 secs to complete.

Elden Ring is an open-world game that is larger than any of the other FromSoftware titles. However, the fact that Elden Ring has been reduced from a 100-hour adventure to just 49 minutes suggests that there will be fierce competition for even smaller numbers.

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