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Minecraft has been the most popular game on the planet for more than a decade. It has been featured on virtually all the major gaming platforms and sold millions upon million of copies since its release. It’s a massive, open-ended game that offers nearly limitless possibilities for players young and old. So it’s no surprise that a mountain of books about Minecraft have flooded the market over the years in an effort to help players figure out how to do what they want to do.

Minecraft books are easy to come by nowadays, but it’s not always easy to tell which ones are worth picking up for yourself or the Minecraft player in your life. We’re here to help. We’ve compiled all the best Minecraft books for a wide variety of needs and uses. Let’s dig in.

TLDR – The Best Minecraft Books

Minecraft for Beginners

Minecraft for Beginners

Minecraft is a huge game. It can be difficult for beginners or even to figure out what to do. That’s where this book comes in. This book provides a high-level, easy-to-follow overview of all aspects of the game.

It starts out by offering all the basic info you’ll need, like what Minecraft is and how the controls work. It then gives you a step by step guide to help you get started. You’ll find guidance for what to do on your first day, how to eat, mine, and equip yourself with new tools and armor. You'll find guidance for day two, and onwards. This is a fantastic starting point.

Minecraft: Guide Collection

Minecraft: Guide Collection

If you’re looking for a book (or set of books) that covers the basics of Minecraft in a good deal of detail, the Guide Collection is hard to beat. The Guide Collection contains everything you need to become a proficient Minecrafter. These books are extremely helpful and can be used by anyone.

It includes guides to Exploration, Creative, Redstone, and the Nether & the End. The Guide to Exploration provides you with the key to survival in Survival Mode. The Guide to Creative offers a foundational education on building. The Guide to Redstone helps you understand how circuits work and how you can use them in your builds, and the Guide to the Nether & the End is all about advanced survival. This collection contains all you need to start Minecraft.

The Ultimate Unofficial Encyclopedia for Minecrafters

The Ultimate Unofficial Encyclopedia for Minecrafters

The Ultimate Unofficial EncyclopediaMinecrafters

If you’re in the market for a Minecraft ReferenceThis unofficial encyclopedia, also a book, is worth having on your shelf. Like any encyclopedia, it’s not meant to be read cover-to-cover. Instead, it’s a book you can skim for anything that interests you, or dip into whenever a particular question pops into your mind.


Minecraft: Blockpedia

Another reference book Minecraft: Blockpedia should be kept on your shelf so you can refer to it as needed. It’s a gorgeously full-color (and official) guide to every kind of block you’ll find in Minecraft. And since blocks are the basis of the entire gameworld and everything you build, it’s good to be able to look up the unique properties of all the different kinds of blocks at a moment’s notice. There are hundreds of block types available, so if you feel that a book on the subject is too much, there are many. This is not an overkill.

The Giant Book of Hacks For Minecrafters

The Giant Book of Hacks for Minecrafters

A book of hacks will be useful for Minecraft players who are interested in dark magic. The Giant Book of Hacks can be used as a guide to breaking the game. It’s a thick book that’s filled with ideas for how to input cheats, program command blocks, play with mods, and use redstone to create all kinds of useful contraptions.

This book covers a lot of ground, but by the time you’re done with it, you’ll be able to give yourself a level boost, build retractable staircases, and set devious traps. This book is full of great fun.

Minecraft Bite Size Builds

Minecraft Bite-Size Builds

For younger Minecraft players, it might seem daunting to build large homes or castles. This book is focused on easy builds that anyone can build. But just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re boring. You’ll find step-by-step instructions for building everything from a survivalist’s vault and fairy treehouse to a bouncy castle and deep-sea submarine.

And once you master these bite-size builds, you can use what you’ve learned to venture forth and build ever bigger and more impressive creations.

Epic Bases

Minecraft: Epic Bases

Do you feel satisfied with the smaller builds or are you ready for something larger? This book is for you: Minecraft: Epic Bases. Made with advanced builders in mind, this book offers tips for making massive constructions like an ancient mummy’s tomb and a macabre hotel. While it doesn’t break down the builds into steps like the Bite-Size Builds book does, it offers ideas and highlights so you can create massive structures that are like the ones you’ll find in the book, if not exact replicas.

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