It’s forbidden for early Nintendo Switch Sports Players to speak publicly about it

It's forbidden for early Nintendo Switch Sports Players to speak publicly about it

Players playing the pre-release version of Nintendo Switch Sports are forbidden from talking about their experiences with the game on social media – despite the Online Play Test being free to anyone with a Switch Online membership.

Nintendo stated on its website that, as Liam Robertson (below) noticed, “By registering to take part in the Online Play Test,” it agreed not to share any information about the Online Play Test publically, including screenshots and video footage of the game, on social media.

It is not clear how Nintendo intends enforce this rule. However, there are no penalties for violators.

Although it is not unusual for such a clause to be included in closed beta builds of prerelease games, this paytest is more accessible to the public than many other similar schemes. There was a lot of confusion online about the outcome.

Nintendo further explains in its terms and conditions, that the “Online Play Test Software” is still under development and may not reflect the full version Nintendo Switch Sports. It also warns that you may experience unexpected behaviours or errors while playing.

Registering for the playtest is now open. You can access the playtest by signing up to Switch Online and going to this website.

Switch Online members have the opportunity to play Nintendo Switch Sports online in five 45-minute sessions, starting February 19th and ending April 20th.

Six modes will be available at launch: Tennis, Bowling, Chambara Soccer, Badminton and Volleyball. However, Nintendo has confirmed that Golf will also be coming to the game via a free update this fall.

Nintendo announced Switch Sports during its Nintendo Direct. The company also revealed Xenoblade Chronicles 3, 48 tracks for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a new Mario Strikers, as well as a host of other new and updated games.

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