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Live A Live will exclusively be available on Nintendo Switch from July 22nd, 2022. It’s only available in one edition, and there are no preorder bonuses available for it yet. But if you’re a fan of classic JRPGs, you might want to lock in a preorder (Amazon:).

Below, you’ll find links to where you can preorder Live A Live, along with how much it costs and what exactly this game is. Let’s dive in.

Preorder Live Alive

Live A Live

So far, no special editions were announced. The standard edition is the only edition.

Live Alive Trailer

What is Live A Live?

If you’re not familiar with Live A Live, you’re not alone. Square published the 1994 SNES game, but it was only available in Japan. This “HD-2D” remake represents the first time the game has been localized for the West.

You will play through various scenarios set in historical times and places. For instance, you’ll visit a prehistorical setting, the Wild West, Imperial China, Edo Japan, and even the future. Each location offers its own story and unique twists on the combat system.

This version of the game has been completely remastered in a similar art style to that used in Octopath Traveler, Triangle Strategy. The voice acting has been added.

If you’re a fan of the classic Square RPGs of the SNES era (Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger), then this is a game to keep an eye on.

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