Lost Ark Providing Extra Founders Pack Items To Encourage Players To Swap to Quieter Servers

Lost Ark Providing Extra Founders Pack Items To Encourage Players To Swap to Quieter Servers

Lost Ark offers players who have paid for the free-to play MMO extra items if they choose to switch to quieter servers. This comes as Lost Ark struggles with long server queues during the early access period, which is just before the official free to play release.

Smilegate, a developer, stated that some players are experiencing “a less than optimal experience”. He also mentioned that several measures are being taken to reduce the queue times.

Founder's Packs players who purchased to get early access to Lost Ark, will receive the same items if they switch servers that are quieter. Smilegate is trying to increase the number of online players. Because existing characters can't be transferred to new servers, players will have to start the game from scratch. Although starting over would require you to delete any premium items from the previous server, Smilegate's new promise is that Founder's Pack items are available on any server.

This makes it a lot easier to change servers, but there's an extra incentive. Silver, Gold or Platinum pack purchasers will receive extra Royal Crystals which can be spent in the ingame shop on skins and mounts. You will need to switch servers in order to qualify for the replicated items and Royal Crystals.

To coincide with Lost Ark's free play launch, more than 12 additional servers will be open. The creation of additional characters “for theforeseeable future” will be restricted.

It is already one the most downloaded games on Steam, surpassing Apex Legends in peak concurrent users.

Over 530,000 concurrent players were logging on, which seemed to cause some issues initially. Users reported connectivity problems and increased queue times. This prompted Smilegate North America to open another server shortly after the early access started.

Lost Ark will be available for free on February 11, 2009 at 9am Pacific/ 12pm Eastern/ 5pm UK (that is February 12, at 4am AEDT).

Our preview of the game stated that Lost Ark's combat “very, Very Good” and “Combining the Best Element of MMOs with ARPGs.” We are also excited by the “awesome atmosphere surrounding this game.”

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