New Demo of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin for PS5/PS4

You can now download the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin demo on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in advance of the game's March 18 release.

This demo will walk players through the first three stages in the game's opening. Players can also transfer save data from this demo to the main game.

Stranger of Paradise, a reimagining of Final Fantasy's first game, has an action-RPG twist. It is very similar to Dark Souls, where the player must battle through enemies. If they are killed, the game will reset.

Final Fantasy's iconic features, such as the job system and familiar characters and locations, will be returning in a large way. The new PlayStation Blog post states that Stranger of Paradise takes around 40 hours if the player advances at a steady pace. However, there are around 30 different jobs players could try so the playtime can be extended depending on how much the player explores.

Stranger of Paradise – Final Fantasy Origin – Characters and Locations Screenshots

Stranger of Paradise has many difficulty settings, so any level of player can enjoy it.

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